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Tomb of God (fine collation) - Posted By Metokijirichi (metokijirichi) on 1st Dec 22 at 12:31am
Thinking of all kinds of causal relationships, Chen Zhan suddenly understood that it must be Zixu Taoist who found the delirious Oriental Xiaotian to retaliate together. Go to hell! Chen Zhan was so angry that he pushed his palms forward without mercy, and a dazzling golden light swept away to Zixu Taoist with an overwhelming momentum. The golden light collided with the flying sword released by Zixu Taoist in a hurry. The glittering and translucent flying sword broke in an instant. Zixu Taoist was seriously injured and fell from the air. As far as Zixu Taoist knows, Chen Zhan has an unwritten rule that those who are not heinous and have personally killed people will not be killed. Chen Zhan will not easily kill his enemies. But at this time, Zixu Taoist felt a little panic, he obviously felt the killing intention of Chen Zhan. The dragon has inverse scales, touch it will be angry! Today, Zixu Taoist has offended Chen Zhan's inverse scale. He must die. No rules and regulations can bind Chen Zhan. Chen Zhan gathered all his strength in his right arm, and a lightsaber as long as thirty feet extended from his right arm and split in the air. The brilliant sword splintered Zixu Taoist into pieces in an instant, and a fog of blood broke out in the air. Chen Zhan was really angry today. In order to save time, he raised his skill to the limit when he killed Zixu Taoist just now. Otherwise, he would not be able to kill him so easily. Without looking down, he turned around and flew home like lightning. When Yuxin and Dongfang Xiaotian walked into Chen's martial arts field, Chen Dong's mother finally sensed the terror of the demon king. She rushed back to her room from the back garden and ran away with Hou Yi's bow to the martial arts field where the terror fluctuated. The servants who had fallen asleep heard the unusual noise and rushed out quickly. When they found Chen Dong lying on the ground, they turned pale with fright and quickly untied his acupoint and helped him up. Chen Dong rushed to the martial arts field like crazy, and when he rushed in, he happened to see Yuxin's weak body falling like a butterfly in the autumn wind. Geshi Demon King became famous and learned to crack the sky ten times. Ten waves of air, one higher than the other,cosmetic tube, swept over Yuxin. The first wave had already made her spit blood. The second wave had completely scattered the huge power of the seal in Yuxin's body. The third wave of air, like mountains and seas, had broken Yuxin's five internal organs and broken all her veins. In the final analysis, although Yuxin's master is amazing, the skill he passed on to Yuxin is still difficult to resist the matchless demon king who has just come to the realm of immortal martial arts. The fourth wave of air is coming, if Yuxin is hit again, there will be no bones left,custom cosmetic packaging, not to mention that this is only the fourth of the ten strikes, the ten waves of air are stronger than one, and there are six behind! Just then, Chen Dong's mother and father arrived. Chen Zhan was so angry that he caught the dragon hand in the air, and rows of golden light palms completely blocked the rest of the seven-fold air waves. At the same time, Chen Dong's mother put a carved feather arrow on the bow, the bowstring was slowly pulled open by her, and the vitality of heaven and earth rushed to the bow like the tide. Every iron turns into gold essence, and little golden light converges on the carved plume arrow, turning it into a divine light arrow in an instant. A golden light broke through the air, and for a time the wind and thunder blew, and the world turned pale. The eastern roaring sky stared at the blood-red eyes, staring at the golden arrow that sent out bursts of thunder, plastic packaging tube ,cosmetic tube packaging, which contained the vast vitality of the world and did not make him afraid. On the contrary, his eyes showed excitement, his eyes were full of fierce light, and he stretched out his right hand to grab the light arrow. The arrow, which was enough to crack the mountain, was caught by him, and the light arrow burst in his hand, turning into a little golden light and disappearing in the air. Legend has it that the bow of Hou Yi once shot down the gods in the sky, but the arrow failed. The main reason was that Chen Dong's mother was not strong enough to pull the bow of Hou Yi. On the other hand, it is enough to show how terrible the Oriental Roaring Sky is when it first comes to the realm of Xianwu! At this moment, his face is ferocious, his purple hair is dancing, and his evil flame is towering, just like a demon king of the world! Chen Dong looked at the rain falling like a flower, and his eyes were about to crack. White dress is full of blood, sad red, shocking, but the pale beauty of the face, but with a happy smile. Chen Dong's eyes are dripping blood, he caught the weak body falling from the air, a drop of blood and tears rolled down. At the moment, Yuxin's thin body seemed to be as heavy as Mount Tai, and he fell to his knees.
"Yuxin.." I should have been the one who took the slap! Yuxin opened her mouth with difficulty and coughed up a big mouthful of blood. Chen Dong hurriedly transported the True Qi to her body, but found that her meridians had already broken, and the True Qi was running around in her body like a runaway wild horse. Yuxin.. Chen Dong has bitten his lips, and his heart is bleeding. Chen Dong. Don't be sad, remember just now we.. What you said in the room? "Remember.." You said.. If someone wants to kill me, unless.. He stepped on your body, and I listened. Move. From small to large.. I have only one relative, Shifu. No parents.. No playmates.. No friends, so lonely! Ever since I met you.. I'm so happy. Uncle Chen and Aunt Chen treat me like.. My own daughter is general, I am so happy, because I finally have one. Home. You It's my dearest.. The dearest person, I have no master, I. Can't lose any more.. You. I'd rather myself.. Die, also want you to be good. Live, cough. Yuxin began to vomit blood again. Yuxin. Don't say it, you won't die. The intermittent words made Chen Dong's heart like a knife, and blood and tears blurred his eyes. Chen Dong, you.. Are you hurt? Your eyes.. Why is it bleeding? "Why.." Why do you always think of me until now. Still worried about me. Yuxin, I don't want you to die! Chen Dong held Yuxin tightly in front of his chest and burst into tears. He had not shed tears for more than ten years,plastic cosmetic tubes, and this scene made him burst into tears. Chen Dong. Don't cry, men have tears. No flicking. "Yuxin.." I just want you to live well, and I don't want you to die for me. Chen Dong cried loudly.