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Close to the monarch's affection (1st Dec 22 at 12:22am UTC)
Why do happy people play such sad music? He doesn't understand. Doesn't Qiu Duan cherish her very much? In the pavilion, yuan Wisteria closed her eyes gently. The breath of impermanence was still there, and she did not know where he was hiding, nor did she care to study it carefully, but she could imagine his expression when he listened to the sound of her piano, which must be a slight frown and a confused face. He is a boor who does not understand the harp, but he can understand the heart, and he is the only one in the world who can understand the true meaning of her harp. She couldn't help smiling sadly and comfortably. What more could a bosom friend ask for in life? Although their love is short, they should be satisfied. The music rose a few degrees, becoming nostalgic and reluctant to give up. The impermanence of Qu on the wall made her feel sad, and her sweet smile with sadness and charm naturally floated in her mind. Then the sound of her piano turned to gratitude. Thank him for his love, thank him for his love, thank him for everything he thought of for her, if there is an afterlife, she would like to continue this unfinished love with him. Qu Changmian, whose mood flowed with the rhyme of the harp, nodded gently. He knows that it doesn't matter if he has no chance in this life, there is an afterlife! He will remember that he will never drink Meng Po Tang on his way to the afterlife. He will remember her kindness forever. Farewell, Wisteria. As soon as his figure flashed, like the Tathagata,Stainless Steel Toilet China, he silently melted into the night, and the song was coming to an end, and it was time to leave. The sound of the harp changed back to crooning. yuan wistaria burst into tears on her eyelashes and could not help wriggling her cherry lips. The word "Qu" gently grinded out of her throat. Dang! A sudden external force intervened, and the strings were immediately broken into two parts. yuan Ziteng didn't have to look back to know who had broken her piano. Mr. Qiu is so early today. Qiu Duan silently put the cloak on his arm over her, then rudely pulled her up and dragged her back into the house. yuan wistaria did not resist to follow him, in fact, resistance is useless,Self-closing Shower Valve, he is a soft and hard do not eat, only believe in their own men. Into the bedroom, Qiu Duan angrily kicked the door. Why? You tell me! What do I have to do to make you satisfied? To be my wife? Looking around the room full of silks and satins, gold ornaments and silver hairpins, he tried his best to please her, but she still only thought about the unknown man. What kind of man can be better than his enemy? He really wants to fight it out with him! "As I said, I can't force my feelings. I knew him first, and I gave him all my heart. Now you can't dig anything even if you cut open my chest!" In particular, he used strong means to imprison her, and she would never forgive him in her life. Qiu Duan stared at her bitterly. You're just trying to make me angry, aren't you? He took pity on her delicacy, but she did not know how to cherish the true feelings he gave her. Such a hateful woman, he really wanted to. The arm was raised high and rested on her head. yuan Wisteria closed her eyes fearlessly. She knew that he would not use force, at most house arrest, Time Delay Tap ,push button toilet flush valve, anyway, she had already lost her heart, even if the body was imprisoned by him, what does it matter? Qiu Duan pushed her hard. Since you are so unappreciative, I don't have to guard you any more. I will let my mother go to your house to make a formal proposal. We will get married next month. When you become my wife, who dares to rob you? Hearing this, her pretty face turned pale. You said you would wait until I was well enough to propose marriage. "Recovery?" He grabbed her by the chin angrily. You can play the piano for that wild man in the cold night. Will you still be in poor health? She slanted her head away from his big palm. I don't want to get married so early. "Whether you want to or not, there is no room for you to say anything about it." He has been waiting too long, originally wanted to wait until her heart to get married again, but she has no heart, then what is he waiting for? Even if he can't get her heart, he wants to get her person! He's finally gone mad! yuan wistaria's delicate body trembled slightly and was shocked and angry. If you insist, I have my own means. He gave her a nasty look and burst out laughing. OK! Good yuan wistaria, is worthy of my Qiu Duan's favorite woman, has the individuality, enough courage and insight, but. He suddenly grabbed her by the collar and tore it hard. Ah yuan Ziteng struggled desperately in his arms. What do you want to do? "When you become my woman, I don't believe you won't marry." He picked her up and threw her into the bed.
"I will never marry you!" She picked up the pillow, threw it at him, jumped out of bed and ran to the door as he dodged. It's really worth a try. Like a cat teasing a mouse, he trapped her in the corner of the wall step by step. From the moment I saw you, I swore I had to have you, and now.. "General!" There was a sudden alarm outside the house. There is an invasion of the West Di army, and the enemy is already at the gate. Qiu Duan was startled, put down yuan Wisteria and ran out of the house. Who said Sidi was coming? "General, the event is not good." The messenger knelt at the foot of the steps, and as soon as he saw Qiu Duan, he immediately gave him the latest news. Qiu Duan unfolded the letter and looked at it, and his angry face was as fierce as a sharp blade. Originally thought that the weather is getting cold, after the road is frozen, the West Diguo should be silent for a winter, waiting for the spring to continue the war, unexpectedly the enemy treacherous, unexpectedly take advantage of the night attack, want to capture the "Suiyang Pass" in one fell swoop for winter. He immediately beat the drum and ordered all the troops to be on guard and listen to the order to go to war. "Obey orders!" The messenger retreated in a hurry. Chou Duan had no interest in his children's love affair again, so he put all his energy on the war. His reputation as "Tiger Riding General" could not be tarnished. Now he used the blood of those barbarians as a gift for his marriage with yuan Wisteria. In the room, yuan Wisteria listened to his heavy footsteps gradually away, and the tears of fear could no longer help rolling down. Save me, Brother Qu, Brother Qu.. Where are you? Brother Qu, help me. Because she was afraid of Qiu Duan's personal enmity, she did not dare to contact him even though she knew that Qu Changmian would come to visit him regularly, for fear of killing him. However, when things come to an end,Self-closing Faucet, in the most helpless moment, the only thing she can ask for is the impermanence of Qu. She would rather die with him than be forced to marry Qiu Duan. The door was pushed open twice. Brother Qu! She thought it was Qu Changmian who had come to save her from danger, but unexpectedly there were four men in black with black scarves and masks at the door. What do you want? "You are yuan Wisteria?" 。
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