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Doomsday Unlimited Card (1st Dec 22 at 12:22am UTC)
The picture in the computer is the battle scene in front of Jinhua Cinema. And the so-called young evolutionist is a green. These guards are the reconnaissance guards of the Yelin Survivor Camp, and they have already arrived here. Reconnaissance planes were also sent out at the first time, so they witnessed the whole process of this unprecedented battle. They are all guards, many of whom have participated in battles before the end of the world, and of course have seen real big scenes. After the end of the world has been fighting with zombies, but in front of the battle, had to let them hit the heart shocked. More than a hundred humans with cold weapons blocked the impact of about 1500 corpses. Although it is still in the final bitter battle, it is impossible to say who will win or lose. But the humans involved in this battle completely refreshed their three views on zombies. It turns out that humans can deal with zombies so simply and roughly. In the past, they used guns and ammunition directly to deal with zombies. To deal with zombies at close range, they are a little frightened as guards. Captain, we.. Wang Yue looked at the picture in the computer and frowned. He couldn't help looking at an older guard beside him. Now the battle has come to the last moment, and the human beings have begun to suffer heavy casualties. If things go on like this, the situation will not be optimistic. The guard of the old spot is the temporary leader of the reconnaissance team and an old reconnaissance guard. However, he was timid by nature, and it was also brought up temporarily after the outbreak of the end times. Faced with Wang Yue's question,Flush Retrofit Kit, the old captain was also staring at the picture in the computer, and his face was deeply twisted around him. Obviously, his heart was struggling at the moment. Watching a human being die in the mouth of a zombie, it's not good for anyone. Alas.. For a long time, the old captain sighed. Looked up at the anxious Wang Yue, as well as the same face looking forward to waiting for the order of the other guards said: "Everyone,Time Delay Tap, stand by!" " After saying this, the old captain became much older in an instant, but his tone was very firm and there was no room for negotiation. Captain, but Li Yingchang said that he would rescue the survivors when he met them. At this time, Wang Yue is a little anxious, he is an old guard, well aware of the duties of the guard. But now let him look at the death, Wang Yue's heart is not very uncomfortable. But he is not the supreme commander. He has no right to give orders. And Wang Yue also knows that his captain is naturally timid and afraid of things, and he will try his best not to have anything to do. But now that human life is at stake, Wang Yue subconsciously moved out of Li Mingbin. Boom! But it was really an old captain's angry clapping sound, Manual Flush Valve ,Flush valve price, and the old captain suddenly shouted: "Wang Yue!" "Here!" Wang Yue immediately stood up straight. Tell us what our mission is. The old captain glared at Wang Yue, apparently really angry. How could he not hear the meaning of Wang Yue's mouth? Report, check the body tide, record the body tide. Wang Yue answered word by word. In the face of Wang Yue's answer, the old captain was very satisfied. He skipped Wang Yue and looked at the other guards: "We are a reconnaissance team, and we are reconnaissance guards.". Reconnaissance is our most important task. Pow! Including Wang Yue, everyone gave a serious salute. The captain is right, but. The old captain looked at Wang Yue's obscure eyes and looked at the computer that was still playing the picture. In the computer, the battle between zombies and humans continues. Screen locked to the screen of the green, the old captain staring at the green jumping figure: "You are a talent, you are all heroes, but forgive us can not save you.". What can we do with our men and firepower. Even if you can be saved, but there are still many zombies in this city. The sound of gunfire, I'm afraid, will only attract more zombies. Wang Yue knew in his heart that the words behind the old captain were said to them. How many zombies are there in the whole city? Everyone has a concept in his heart. More than a dozen of them, if they don't use firearms. In the face of corpses, they may not be as good as those ordinary people. But the use of firearms, gunfire will only attract more zombies to come. In that case, you will lose more than you gain.
So even if they go to the rescue, I'm afraid it won't have much effect. Maybe they will get involved. This is a fact, a fact that people do not want to admit. When did their guards become so powerless. If it had been placed on the battlefield in the past, even a tiger would have broken a few of its teeth. But in the face of a group of walking corpses, they can't even raise their courage. And it's not worth it to trade lives with these walking corpses. Wang Yue did not continue to speak, nor did the other guards. Everyone just stared at the picture in the computer. They want to try their best to remember, remember these unknown heroes. As long as this video is taken back, the troops can use this video to enhance their momentum. And this video can tell more humans, in fact, zombies are not terrible. As long as you are not afraid of zombies, it will be much easier to deal with zombies. So this video is very precious, and Wang Yue knows in his heart that this video will be widely circulated among survivors. This is a group of heroes, a group of heroes who dare to face zombies head-on. And the terrain that looks messy is also precious to human beings. Although the terrain is not very useful for large-scale combat, it completely opens up another area for humans to deal with zombies. (End of this chapter) Chapter 247 the battle of counterattack. The mall was quiet again, and all the guards were doing their jobs. But everyone's eyes did not leave the small computer screen for a moment, and from time to time they flashed a trace of amazing eyes. The mutant zombie with long hair all over his body was able to compete with the young evolutionist. Humans become stronger, zombies also become stronger,Service Sink Faucets, which makes the hearts of the guards sink. The humans who were still resisting in front of the cinema were sharply reduced by the impact of the corpses, and the young evolutionist was also restrained. In the eyes of the guards, the outcome of the battle has been decided.
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