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I cultivate immortals in the entertainment circle. (1st Dec 22 at 12:57am UTC)
A sense of satisfaction and happiness filled in the heart. I don't know why. Yunze looked at Lin Rui and said, "I've asked my assistant to lead those people away first. I have to leave the mall through other channels.". I Lin Rui knows that as a star, some fans will chase the star crazily. It can even hurt the star himself. Not to mention, at this time Yunze's physical condition is not good, but also alone. She thought about it and said, "I know there's a staff passage over there. You can go straight to the first floor and I'll get you a taxi." Although Yunze had a great influence on the girl and was very close to her, he thought about it and asked, "Why did you help me?" "Because you are me." Chapter 102 he could have just left. The word "disciple" almost jumped out, but fortunately it stopped in time! Lin Rui paused for a few seconds and said, "You are my idol, but I am a cloud." Do not know why, Yunze heard her say is his fans cloud, but the heart filled with a warm feeling. That kind of warm feeling is still a little itchy, like the afternoon sun, shining on the body. Her hands are warm, too. Yunze's line of sight moved down and found himself holding the little girl's hand, and he immediately loosened it. But when he loosened it, he felt a little lost. Lin Rui also did not notice this, after all, last life she did not hold a line of small hands to go out to experience. She said, "Let's go quickly, or the dark clouds will come after us later!" Yunze's fans are called clouds, so it's also true that some of the more extreme clouds are called dark clouds. The corners of Yunze's mouth rippled with a smile, and he nodded and ran with Lin Rui toward the staff passage. Considering Yunze's physical condition, this time, Lin Rui deliberately ran very slowly. Fortunately, along the way, it was very smooth, and there was no sign of it. The two men ran out of the mall smoothly, and then successfully stopped a taxi. Lin Rui pushed Yunze into the taxi and said, "You go quickly, and I have to go quickly." I could see the impatience on her face, but I didn't want to be separated from her. Yunze asked subconsciously, "are you in a hurry?" "Well, I have to go to class." Yunze:.. Lin Rui naturally wants to stay with Ah Xing, even if he doesn't remember himself, she still wants to treat him. However, it has been discovered by fans, so it is undoubtedly very dangerous for Ah Xing to stay here. Fortunately, two people have added WeChat, precision welded tubes ,aluminium coated tubes, and a pedestrian is also in Jincheng. Huh? Lin Rui thought of this and immediately turned around and patted the taxi door that was about to leave. Yunze was reluctant to leave, although he could not figure out why there was such reluctance in his heart. So when Lin Rui patted the door, he immediately asked the driver to stop and open the door. Once again, he saw a face that was so beautiful that it was extremely flamboyant, and the emptiness in his heart was filled in an instant. When Lin Rui saw him, she asked very quickly, "You're still in Jincheng, aren't you?" "Yes, I won't leave in a short time." After getting the answer, Lin Rui breathed a sigh of relief. As long as Ah Hang doesn't leave Jincheng first, then you can wait until Buyuan Dan comes out! Although the seal can not be unlocked, other congenital problems can not be handled by Lin Rui for the time being, but it can let a Xing take Buyuan Dan first. At the very least, he can keep fit! "Well, goodbye!" Lin Rui turned around and went straight to stop another taxi. Yunze watched her jump into the taxi neatly, and then went away, and then withdrew his eyes. The smile at the corners of his mouth closed up bit by bit, and the long-lost headache came slowly, making his brows wrinkle. Yunze said to the taxi driver lightly, "drive to the front corner and stop." Yunze's momentum is too strong, and he is too good-looking. So the driver didn't dare to say anything and stopped at the corner ahead. Shortly after Yunze got out of the car, a low-key black Infiniti stopped beside him. Two men in black got out of the car and were respectful to Yunze. Boss Send me back to the farm.
” "Yes!" In fact, as early as when he met the crazy fans, Yunze let the bodyguards who had been protecting him in the dark stand by. He could have just left. Chapter 103 check a person for me, her name is Lin Rui. But I don't know why, I always feel that if I leave like this, the girl will be angry! Yunze subconsciously did not want to make her angry. Moreover, the closer he got to the girl, Yunze found that his headache would be relieved. He didn't know why, and he didn't want to leave for the time being. So I took a chance and stayed. That's the scene above. After Yunze got on the bus, he sat on the black leather seat. He took out his cell phone and began to brush the circle of friends of the little girl named Lin Rui. But soon, he was a little disappointed. This girl's circle of friends is empty, and there is nothing. Could it be that he was blocked? Suddenly thinking of something, Yunze raised his head and said to the bodyguard sitting on the co-pilot, "Check a person for me, her name is Lin Rui." The bodyguard sees all the way in the eye, Lin Rui is not the female student who just accompanied the boss? Why does the boss suddenly pay so much attention to other female students? However, he dared not say anything, and immediately nodded to check. Lin Rui did not know that Yunze began to check himself, of course, even if she knew, she would not care. After all, she believed that even if Ah Hang lost his memory, he would no longer know her. And I would never hurt her. When Lin Rui rushed back to school,cold drawn tubes, the first class in the afternoon was over. Fortunately, Lin Rui had asked Li Yingzhi for leave before. Lin Rui also apologized to Li Yingzhi for her frequent leave of absence. She decided to study hard next to reassure Li Yingzhi. But before that, she also wants to take part in the sports meeting well and earn some light for Class Ten.
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