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Shadow of the Sacred Heart (1st Dec 22 at 12:58am UTC)
Ye Tianxiang picked up his glass uneasily Shen Zhengyi drank it up but he only tasted half of it Then he put down his glass Shen Zhengyi said "Far away between the white mountains and the black waters there is a'Dust Avoidance Villa 'whose owner's surname is Hua His name is Hua Zimei His name is'Shenzhou Yijian' Do you know" Ye Tianxiang blushed and nodded Shen Zhengyi smiled and said "Who are you from the'Dust Avoidance Villa '" Ye Tianxiang stammered "I am his youngest son!" Shen Zhengyi said "That should also be surnamed Hua called" "Hua Yu" said Ye Tianxiang Shen Zhengyi smiled and said "That's more like it Come on have another drink!" He drank a full cup again and Huayu drank the half Fertilizers cup just now When the wine was poured Hua Yu wanted to speak but Shen Zhengyi took the lead "Just now" he said "You said you didn't leave in a huff and you didn't draw your sword What would you do" "I want to make friends with you even more" said Hua Yu Shen Zhengyi said "Oh!" "This is beyond my expectation" he said "People regard me as the public enemy of Wulin They see me like a poisonous snake They are afraid to fight or avoid me But you want to make friends with me a friend of Xiahou Lan Is there any reason" Hua Yu nodded and said "Yes in a word I don't think Xiahou Lan is a devil!" "So you think he's" said Shen Zhengyi "Chivalrous and tender-hearted" said Huayu "with the courage of the sword and the heart of the harp you are a genius of indomitable spirit" Shen Zhengyi shook his head and said with a smile "You are the third person in the world who thinks he is a good man It's a pity that there are still a few" "The third" Huayu asked Justice nodded and said "One is Xiahou Lan's confidant one is me one is you!" " Hua Yu frowned and said "Why Xiahou Lan already has a confidant" "Not bad" said Shen Zhengyi Hua Yu shook her head and said "It's nothing I'm just asking" Shen Zhengyi smiled faintly and said "It's important to make friends I hope this isn't the second time you've lied to me" Hua Yu blushed and said "Why don't you just say I lied to you" "That's not good" said Shen Zhengyi "Since you want to make friends with me I'm sure you won't" Hua Yu blushed and cried "Well don't insult me I said" He hesitated for a moment and then said "My sister her name is Hua Ying She" Shut up Shen Zhengyi frowned and said "I see Don't say it!" "But what about now" Huayu asked "What about what" Asked Shen Zhengyi "Xiahou Lan already has" said Hua Yu Shen Zhengyi shook his head and said "Go back and persuade your sister that Xiahou Lan is no longer the Xiahou Lan she used to be" "I know" said Huayu "He's lost his skill and now he's useless" "Yes" said Shen Zhengyi "what is there to love about a useless man" Hua Yu shook her head and said "You don't know that my sister is stubborn" "Does she also know that Xiahou Lan is a basket case" Asked Shen Zhengyi Hua Yu shook her head and said "She doesn't know yet Chemicals Suppliers " "That's good" Inorganic Chemicals said Shen Zhengyi "You go back and say something to her" "I can't go back" said Huayu "If I go back I won't be able to get out" "I see" said Shen Zhengyi with a sudden smile "You sneaked out!" Hua Yu blushed and nodded! Shen Zhengyi shook his head and said "That's troublesome" "Maybe I don't have to go back to see her" said Huayu "Now that I've run away my father will send her out to catch me" Shen Zhengyi smiled faintly and said "I'm afraid she's coming soon too!" "How do you know" Huayu asked in surprise "She must have heard that Xiahou Lan was around here" said Shen Zhengyi "In that case how could she not come" Hua Yu looked restless at once "That's going to kill me" she said "I can't let her" "You're afraid of her aren't you" Said Shen Zhengyi with a smile Hua Yu blushed and shook her head and said "I'm not afraid of her I'm afraid of the wet nurse and housekeeper You don't know that the old woman has learned as much as my father She's very fierce" Shen Zhengyi said "Oh!" With a cry he said "It must be a strange elder!" "That's right" said Huayu "Her name is Sha Wuniang and she had a nickname" Shen Zhengyi's eyes flashed and he said "Cold-faced and benevolent yaksha right" Huayu nodded and said "Yes that's her If you listen to her nickname you'll see how afraid she is" Shen Zhengyi nodded and said "She is really afraid of people but people ignore her kindness" Shaking his head he said "I didn't expect that once upon a time this strange elder was hiding in the'Dust Avoidance Villa '" "That's because my father saved her" said Huayu "How do you know so many things" He asked in surprise Shen Zhengyi smiled indifferently and said "What's so strange about that I'm from Wulin but I've seen and heard more than others" "Forgive me for speaking frankly" said Hua Yu "Shen Zhengyi Sanyu" "Never heard of it" Said Shen Zhengyi with a smile Hua Yu blushed and nodded "From now on" said Shen Zhengyi "do you know it's not too late to have Shen Zhengyi in Wulin" Hua Yu blinked his handsome eyes and said "I just heard the old monk say that these three characters are not your real name" "That's what he said" said Zhong Zhengyi "I heard you say just now" said Huayu "that the best way to make friends is to be considerate" Shen Zhengyi suddenly laughed and said "That's awesome The debt in June was repaid so quickly" After a pause he said "Then I tell you that Shen Zhengyi is not my real name" "Then your real name is" said Huayu Zhong Zhengyi shook his head and said "I have my own difficulties but I promise you that I will tell you in the future Is that all right" With a look of disappointment on her face Hua Yu said "What's the trouble When will you wait" Shen Zhengyi said "The reason is that justice has not yet been extended It is time to wait until justice has been extended" Hua Yu was stunned and immediately said "I see No wonder your name is Shen Zhengyi" "It's good that you understand" said Zhong Zhengyi "Now I'll tell you one thing If you meet Xiahou Lan around here don't get close to him" 。
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