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Urban Phobia Series · Kung Fu _ Nine Knives (9th Dec 22 at 2:36am UTC)
Urban Phobia Series · Kung Fu _ Nine Knives
That heavy rain, in the jungle, I kissed Yijing for the first time. When I come back, you'll wake up, okay? I kissed Yi Jing. Yijing's tears slipped out of her closed eyes. Eleven thirty. Master picked up the steel sword on his back. Yi put the cartoon in the bag. Help me return it. Said Ah Yi. Return it yourself. I jumped out of bed. The three of them looked at each other and couldn't help laughing. I am very glad that Master has accepted me as an apprentice. I am very lucky. Said Ah Yi. It's been the happiest time of my life for more than two years. I say Master did not accept you in vain. You must live and continue to spread the seeds of justice. Master said. The three of them clapped their hands and jumped out of the big hole. Bagua Mountain, the square in front of the Buddha, 11:42. Finally, it's time. We stood on top of the Buddha, looking down at the environment below and the direction in which the eyeless monster might attack. There are no passers-by at night, no lovers in love, and hydra naturally arranges everything properly. But suddenly, at the bottom of the square, a large group of gentlemen and ladies in suits and leather shoes were sitting on iron chairs, whispering. These gentlemen and ladies hold musical instruments in their hands, such as violins, cellos, trumpets, flutes, clarinets,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, accordions, drums, cymbals.. There's even a grand piano! But this strange band, they all have eyeballs. There was something strange about their looks, but even if they were strange, they were still chatting like ordinary people, talking about tonight's weird concert. So we listened to the conversation below. What exactly do you want us to do? Not a single audience? The man with the baton touched his beard and looked puzzled. But the head of the regiment, everyone has received a check,Glass Cream Jars, although there is no audience, but. Said the woman with the cello. If you take money from others, of course you have to start on time! The colonel with the baton sat on the stone steps and said. Could it be.. Is it the kind that is played for the dead? The man with the cymbals is shaking. Fool, have you seen the grave? The woman with the clarinet said disdainfully. No matter so much, even the piano has been moved up, just as a training group! The performance starts at midnight tonight. Said the colonel. Yes, three hundred thousand yuan a night for one person, even if it's worth playing to the air. The curly-haired man with the violin laughed. But what will be played later? Asked the fat man with the big drum. I don't know, the foreigner didn't say, let me think. How about a symphony of destiny? It's going to open next month anyway. Said the colonel. In this way, the orchestra chatted wildly and became a mess in front of the Buddha. Lan Jin got these people here? Yi was on guard, as if these gentlemen and ladies would turn into killers at any time. I think so. I looked at my watch. It was eleven fifty-two. Playing tricks is not really capable, we do not panic, cosmetic packaging wholesale ,Amber Dropper Bottles, slowly go down, do not disturb these people. Master said calmly, leading us to swim down from the back of the Buddha, and then strolled close to the orchestra. The chairs and musicians of the orchestra gathered at the bottom of the steps of the square in front of the Buddha. When the head of the regiment saw us coming in, he hurried over and said, "Excuse me.." Wait, are you going to play it for you? I shook my head and said, "The man who invited you to play will be here in a minute." The head of the regiment nodded, and the whole regiment began to be a little energetic. After all, there were three spectators at the scene. Suddenly, a large flock of white doves fluttered from the distant night sky, killing the white starry sky! "A lot of pigeons!" Yi murmured. Be careful, zero hour is coming. Master ignored the flock of pigeons that covered half the night sky and stared at the long steps below the square. Beep, beep, beep.. My watch went off. It was corrected tonight. 00:00. It's time. It's time. All I can hope for is one outcome: justice wins and the game ends. It is hoped that the strong master will end this arrogant game and let the tragedy stay tonight. There will be no more puzzles, no more confusion, no more people sacrificing their lives and fighting with the empty self. Benevolence is invincible! I read silently, holding the knife tightly in my hand. A blond man in a long white coat and a short ponytail slowly picked up the steps from the bottom of the square. Slowly and slowly, his pace is light and he has a confident sense of rhythm. Long time no see. You're getting old. With a big smile, hydra stood next to the orchestra.
"Blue Gold?" There was a trace of doubt in the Master's eyes, but then he said, "You are not Blue Gold. I will never forget those cruel blue eyes. You are not him." Between the two old enemies, there is only a row of stairs. You really have a good eye. I'm not a blue gold. With a mischievous smile, hydra said, "please allow me to arrange the appearance of the blue gold. Take it easy." "You are." Asked the orchestra leader, bowing down. Hello, please wait a moment to start the performance, do not interrupt, do not go out of tune, do not leave the table in the middle, such requirements should be very low. The hydra smiled. Such a request will certainly satisfy you. What would you like to play? We brought a lot of music, Mozart's.. The orchestra leader was about to go on, but hydra stopped him with a wave of his hand. What do you want to hear? Brother Jun? Asked hydra, looking at the solemn-faced master. At will. Master's eyes never left hydra's eyes. Let's sing a song called "Thousands of Rivers and Mountains" from the legend of Xu Zhu. " Tidying up her white coat, hydra shrugged her shoulders and said, "This kind of momentum is suitable for the fate confrontation that spans three hundred years." Head listened to the title of the song, some silly, but then answered: "No problem, we have practiced this song, very familiar." The hydra speaks suddenly again: "Right, also asks you to prepare to play" two forget smoke water ", I will give you the instruction again. Have you practiced? The head of the regiment said quickly, "I have practiced." The hydra said thoughtfully, "Some scenes need to have a good tune,Glass Cosmestic Containers, a sad and cool taste." I said coldly, "That song is not about sadness, but about love." 。
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