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Chinese Heroes of Online Games (12th Dec 22 at 2:03am UTC)
Chinese Heroes of Online Games
The level of these monsters is very high, and there are many magic attack monsters, but the general magic attack monster agility will not be very high, in the long-distance sprint will inevitably be pulled behind the team, so now the front is the general attack monster. There were even fewer monsters that could attack us, and only the two or three rabid lions in front of us were firmly stuck by my two blood cows, which could not threaten us at all. We will not be foolish enough to knock off these door blocks, using the advantage of magic attack distance to attack the enemy behind us, even the nurse Xiyinahai has joined our attack because there is no patient to take care of. Thunder magic is definitely not comparable to other magic in terms of visual effects. In this way, we are happy to receive the experience points generously sent by the monsters. It was not until our clearance brought us into the range of the Demon Attack Monsters that we started a more balanced war. In fact, the so-called balance is just to let Xi Yi Na Hai abandon the attack and change to enrich the blood! Because of the gap in attack distance, there are very few magic attack monsters that can rush through our magic attack zone to reach their firepower range. Most of them use single attack magic, and the targets chosen by magic are my two blood cows in front of them. Xi Yi Na Hai's rejuvenation has now risen to the full level of the master, and it is a group recovery, a recovery of 1200 points of life,Magnesium Oxide price, how big a problem do you think it is? After less than 40 minutes, the first wave of monsters were all destroyed. On the premise of maintaining a good formation, we moved forward for some distance, with the aim, of course, of exploding equipment all over the ground. When the equipment and money were all confiscated by the dry Kun bag,Magnesium Oxide powder, the dust rose all over the sky in the distance. I looked down at the time. How could the system attack ahead of time this time? I didn't know it was an attack from the anti-dragon alliance until I saw that it was not a monster but a player. Sure enough, the voice of the system prompt sounded in my ear. Please pay attention to the wind when the leader of the Dragon Alliance is resting. The Hualong Gang will launch a forcible attack on the Dragon Alliance Taiwan sub-station. If it fails to guard the heart of the Dragon Alliance in the administrative hall within four hours, the station will be lost. Some friends may ask if the Longmeng station is now a city-level station. The difference between the two gangs is more than two levels. Isn't it impossible for the Hualong Gang to attack the Longmeng? Here I would like to explain that what they are attacking now is only the Longmeng sub-station, which is not even a village-level station. So there is no problem of grade difference.) What can I say? Helplessly shook his head, although their tactics and intelligence are not comparable to those monsters, but they are not as strong as the monster, although almost all of their long-range attacks are aimed at me, but in terms of their attacks to cause me what damage is undoubtedly shaking the tree. And for them, I'm afraid our magic strike is not all of them, and it's not much worse. The gap of strength can not be made up by the number of people in such an environment. By seven o'clock, Magnesium Sulphate producer ,potassium sulphate fertilizer, when the second wave of monsters came up, they probably knew there was no way out, so they had to choose to retreat. But it was too late. With the exception of a few more scheming ones, they have long been there to bluff rather than attack, so now they are out of combat time. The Scroll of Return can be used.) Most of them were killed by the monster's charge. Obviously, Guo Heng is such a scheming person. He left a very arrogant sentence before he went back to the city. Rest of the wind, you fell for it. Have you heard of it? Ha-ha. Just wait and see! Have you ever heard of stealing chicken without losing rice? I'll see if you can have the last laugh. I retaliated. Not to mention how my defensive battle was going, Guo Heng, who had returned to the East China Sea Gang, dialed a subordinate's communicator. Scar, how's it going over there? "Second brother, I don't know why two of the three groups of brothers were ambushed by a very fast and aggressive leopard on the cliff, and all eight of them died.".
Only one group of brothers was not attacked and jumped off the cliff. "That's the summoning beast of the resting wind. It seems that the resting wind is ready."? I'm still underestimating this young man! But no matter how strong he is, there is only one person after all, ha ha. We still went down, four brothers. It's enough to destroy the heart of the Dragon Alliance. Unless the wind of rest has the art of separation. Has there been any news from Oda? "Second brother, according to the time estimate, there should be news coming now, but I haven't got the news yet." "What?"? Look, are they still online? OK, wait for me for a while. What? None of these four bastards are online. Damn, the rest of the wind, I was calculated by him again. All right, let everyone know that the plan is terminated and all retreat! Guo Heng got off the line and found that his younger brother Oda, one of the four intruders, was already standing behind him. Shit, what's going on? Guo Heng was angry. Second brother, listen to me, the four of us jumped off the cliff according to the plan, and indeed fell to death in the Dragon League station below. When I used the resurrection skill to revive there, I didn't even see a ghost, but I found that all three of them who came down one step ahead of me turned into corpses. Just when I was in a daze, I didn't know where to make an entanglement first, and I fell into the trap. Then he was hit home by a wind ball. The scary thing is that magic is all around me out of thin air, and no one really has magic. Do you think it's strange? "Did the system tell you who killed you?" "It only reminds me that I was killed by a player of the other side." The seventy-first chapter of the main text has no plan. Rest of the wind or should call you Xiao Han,magnesium sulfate monohydrate, you must disappear in this world! Who told you to stand in the way of the Japanese Empire? Guo Heng, who dismissed all his men, said mercilessly.
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