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Shoulder to Shoulder [Part 2] (12th Dec 22 at 2:07am UTC)
Shoulder to Shoulder [Part 2]
"I've come to pay my respects to my mother. I've heard that she's ill, so I've come to see her." Yu Songling said respectfully. Well, good, good. Finally, you have time to visit me. Queen Anya said coldly. The words of the mother really frightened the son minister. If you are not feeling well, I should put down my affairs and come to visit you. Yu Songling said. Oh? I don't know what the business in the emperor's mouth refers to. ? It's a matter of state ? Or those warblers and swallows in the gentle countryside? "Queen Anya's tone grew colder and colder, and finally she clapped her hands on the table.". Yu Songling and Chengying had expected this and fell to their knees in a hurry. Ling Er, you should know what your identity is, how can you go to that place to look for flowers and willows?! How does this make Man Chao Wen Wu look at you? How can the people talk about you?! "Mother is making a mountain out of a molehill." Yu Songling didn't care and said, "I used to go in and out of there, but I didn't see anyone talking about it. Besides, all the civil and military officials in the Manchu Dynasty went there, so why can't I go there?"? Don't I even have this freedom? ?” "Because you are the prince!" Anya said angrily. "Your words and deeds will attract the attention of the world!"! You know You will be the emperor of the yuan Dynasty in the future. Every decision you make is related to the rise and fall of the country. How can you indulge yourself in wine and women? Freedom ? That's ridiculous. As a crown prince, that's something you can't ask for in your life! When Yu Songling saw that Queen Anya was really angry, he dared not say anything more, but listened in silence. All right, I'm tired. You can step down first. Queen Anya waved her hand wearily,cattle weight tape, and when they turned around, she suddenly stopped Cheng Ying, "You stay, I have something to say to you." Yu Songling did not say much and turned away, leaving Chengying standing quietly in front of Queen Anya. You all stand down, too. Queen Anya said to Grandfather Gao behind her. Yes "Grandfather Gao retired with all the attendants,fish measuring tape, leaving only the two of them in the huge room." Have a seat. Queen Anya pointed to the chair not far away and said lightly. "Thank your mother." Cheng Ying saluted and took his seat, very respectfully. "The prince has been fascinated by someone recently?" Queen Anya asked straight to the point. I don't know about this. "Is there anything bothering him recently?" "Every day, the prince works hard for the affairs of the state and never slackens off." "Well, you really know how to speak to him." Queen Anya snorted, "You used to be the prince's shadow guard, naturally to obey him in everything, but now is different, you are the crown princess, is the closest person around the prince, you can no longer blindly follow his decision.". Ling son is now the prince, is the hope of the yuan Dynasty, the burden on his shoulders is very heavy, Fish measuring board ,Adhesive fish ruler, which we all know, but because of this he has to be more strict with himself. Throughout the ages, there have been countless emperors who have lost their country by indulging in debauchery. They have never been the most outstanding princes who are full of knowledge. It is a pity that they lost their way on the smooth road, chose the wrong fork, and eventually became fatuous emperors who were spurned and laughed at by later generations. Queen Anya sighed and continued, "The smoother the road is, the more difficult it is to walk, because it is impossible to tell whether the direction of progress is correct or not. At this time, what a Walker needs is a light that can point out the right way.". Cheng Ying, would you like to be Ling Er's lamp? Looking at Queen Anya's expectant eyes, Cheng Ying nodded heavily: "I am willing to do my best to assist the prince!" "Very well, I know you are a sensible child." Queen Anya nodded with satisfaction. Empress, do you think the crown princess can say the crown prince? "After waiting for Cheng Ying to go, Gao Gonggong came over and asked in a low voice." "Father-in-law sees a person countless, do you feel?" Anya empress asks in reply. The empress really tested the old slave. The Crown Princess was so happy and angry that the old slave really couldn't see what kind of person he was. "Oh?"? Can escape your eyes. It is already very difficult. Queen Anya smiled. But he can make the four princes fall in love with him and make him a concubine, which should not be an ordinary role. "Compared with this, this palace is even more strange, Ling son want to know the importance of doing things, how this time to do such a ridiculous thing without knowing, but also talk about freedom with this palace?" "Perhaps the prince is also tired.".
"Grandfather Gao replied," along the way, step by step, he has never rested, perhaps the prince just wants to adjust. " "Oh, I hope so. I hope he can get back on track soon." Queen Anya sighed. "Yu Songling stood outside the palace and looked up at the birds hovering in the sky, laughing at himself." Freedom, how can you care about the imperial family? " "Ling ~" Cheng Ying walked out slowly from the palace gate. " Well, what did your mother say to you? "Yu Songling asked." She said, "Let me be your light." Cheng Ying answered. Very good Yu Songling raised the corners of his mouth with satisfaction, "Now everything is ready, only one play is needed." "For me, let you be scolded by your mother and talked about by the ministers." "Then repay me well." Yu Songling interrupted Chengying with a smile, and I never needed the thanks on my lips. Oh "Hm?" "I know." "Haha, Chengying is smart." The setting sun lengthened the figure of the two men and finally disappeared in the afterglow. Father ~ When will Daddy come back? Rui is hungry ……” Ruier looked at the table of food and swallowed saliva from time to time. His stomach was already hungry, but his father said he wanted to wait for his father to come back for dinner, so he had to wait obediently, but it was dark, but his father still didn't come back,Walking measuring wheel, and Ruier finally couldn't help asking. Ruier, are you hungry? Come here Then you can eat first. Yu Songling winked like a maid beside her. She came over and picked up the rice paste on the table and fed it to Ruier. Ruier ate it sweetly, but Yu Songling was even more anxious: "I've been gone for so long. Why hasn't Chengying come back yet?"? Is there something wrong? ?”。
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