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Beast Princess (12th Dec 22 at 2:08am UTC)
Beast Princess
When the prince is thinking, he hates anyone to disturb him. I heard that Snow Princess is very popular with Yunqing? Half of Qi Zhiqian suddenly remembered what came out of his voice. Yes After living in Fengming Palace for so many days, even Queen Yan and Queen Wei did not have such treatment. Qi Zhiqian nodded his head when he heard this. He withdrew his eyes from the clear sky and looked at Xuanzhi and Akita in front of him. He said slowly, "I suddenly feel that Shangguan Jin, the third prince of Han, is very similar to Yunqing." Xuanzhi and Akita were stunned, but they didn't notice that these two people had never appeared together in front of them, and what was the connection between this and Yunqing? Playing with the letter paper in his hand, Qi Zhiqian closed his eyes and leaned back in his chair. Snow Princess was a southern barbarian. Others didn't know, but he knew. He was silent for a while. Suddenly, there was a flash of light in his mind. Qi Zhiqian suddenly opened his eyes and said, "Southern barbarian saint, there is a cherry blossom birthmark on her forehead." He read a lot of books. Even if he didn't know ten points about the world, he could know eighty or ninety points. At first, he didn't pay attention to this problem, so he didn't notice it for a while. Now the Southern Barbarian Saint suddenly sent someone. If he hadn't thought of it, it would be too useless. Xuanzhi and Akita suddenly a Leng, this means. Not by the face is a change of Qi Qi. Suddenly chuckling and shaking his head, Qi Zhiqian reached out and stroked a Guqin beside him. It was the family heirloom Guqin that Yunqing played when he left the Ding family that day. The strings of the Guqin were broken, and it was difficult to reward a bosom friend. Touching the body of the broken string in his hand, he did not connect the string, so he kept it all the time, and the corners of his mouth outlined a sudden smile. A good Ding family, a good snow princess, wasted my wisdom for a lifetime, actually confused for a while,endless swimming pool, cherry blossom birthmark, this is not the symbol of the Southern Saint, I have never thought of here, damn it. Touching the strings, Qi Zhiqian sighed. The cloud is light, the cloud is light, I didn't think you had such a big background. The Southern Barbarian Saint is actually the Southern Barbarian Saint. Shaking his head, Qi Zhiqian's eyes flashed a look of surprise and helplessness. He had always thought that Yun Qing was a member of the Ding family, so he tried every means to use the Ding family to calculate Yun Qing. Unexpectedly,american hot tub, in the end, he was completely wrong. He found the wrong object and the wrong reliance. Yun Qing was not a useless daughter of the Ding family with low status. She was a saint of the southern barbarians, one of the two kings of the vast territory of the southern barbarians. Prince, this.. The king of Qin is alone, this. Akita was startled by the news, looking at Qi Zhiqian for a time can not express his meaning. However, Qi Zhiqian understood, and as soon as he stopped smiling, he frowned again. It seems that the cloud light died in the Fengming Hall is false, must be the hands and feet of the southern barbarians, otherwise when there is no accident, they came to the accident, and now Dugujue actually said that the disease is not early, during this period.. No, Dugu is not sick. He is not in the state of Qin at all. As soon as he read it, Qi Zhiqian's eyes suddenly brightened. Xuanzhi, Akita had always known Qi Zhiqian's ability, and he was sure to calculate his strategy. Hearing this, Chinese spa manufacturer ,best whirlpool tub, he had a good look on his face. Before he could ask the reason, he immediately said, "Dugu is definitely not here. It's a good time for us.." Qi Zhiqian interrupted Xuanzhi with a wave of his hand. He stood up and walked slowly in the room. "He's not stupid," he said in a faint voice. "If he's not leaving the State of Qin at this time because we can't move him, then he has a more important relationship than dealing with us now? What is more important than us? Frowning slowly walking in the hall, Xuanzhi and Akita all retreated, not daring to disturb. Nanman, more important, damn it. In the silence, Qi Zhiqian suddenly looked sharp and hit the pillar that had just passed by with one hand: "The southern barbarians are rich in products. Yunqing is like a saint. He has the vast territory of the southern barbarians in the state of Qin. Who will be his opponent in the future? So that's it. So that's it." With a murderous look in his eyes, Qi Zhiqian immediately shouted, "Come on, get ready. Come with me to the southern barbarians. It's not so easy to rely on the southern barbarians." As soon as he threw his sleeve, Qi Zhiqian strode toward the outside of the hall, and he was about to move immediately. Xuanzhi, Akita saw this look at each other without saying a word, their prince is their God, he said absolutely not wrong. All of a sudden, the whole palace of Qi was busy. Two days later, the royal palace of the State of Chu. Is Yunqing a saint of the southern barbarians? Chu Xing Tian stared at the iron leopard with a surprised face.
Holding the news from Qi Zhiqian's flying pigeon in his hand, the Iron Leopard frowned and said in a deep voice, "Yes, according to Prince Qi's statement and basis, it's not difficult to guess." Chu Xing Tian frowned, cloud light is actually a southern barbarian saint, the news came too suddenly, just know the Qin palace Fengming hall fire, cloud light did not show up for a long time, Dugujue also said that the disease did not come out, has not come and think about the hidden news inside, Qi Zhiqian's shock news arrived. The Iron Leopard was so resourceful that he said in a deep voice, "Compared with Dugu Jue's saying that he was ill and Prince Qi's saying, Dugu Jue should have gone to the southern barbarians. Prince Qi had gone to the southern barbarians two days ago. I think everything should not be false. Prince Qi, if he had not been fully confident and the situation was too important, he would not have given up the good opportunity to deal with Qin now." Chu Xing Tian frowned tightly, nodded, now alone in the state of Qin, if they attack in the uprising, even if not destroy the state of Qin, also will hit and it, and Qi Zhiqian give up this opportunity, that is more important to the south barbarian side, important to him too late to arrange everything here. Then he said in a deep voice, "If, as he said, the southern barbarians are rich in products and have a strong army, how can there be a way not to destroy us if we have the southern barbarians as our arms? No, how can I sit back and watch? Come on, get ready." One side has not spoken the iron tiger, immediately quickly retreated, arranged up. Now several countries are weak, really want to fight, may be a lose-lose, and the current situation, only to kill all the dangerous evil in the south, this is the best policy. I'll go with you, too. As soon as the door curtain was lifted,whirlpool bathtub, the Empress Dowager Huayang suddenly came in and looked at Chu Xing Tiandao. Mother. "Nanman is too dangerous. I don't trust him. Don't forget that I taught her the sound attack of Qinger. My disciple is like this. My master is not that bad." Huayang queen mother is very determined. Chu Xing day saw this deep look at Huayang queen mother one eye, after half ring, slowly nodded. Huayang queen mother see this.
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