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My powers and magic. (5th Jan 23 at 1:32am UTC)
Fleming, Terence, and Walken organized their magic at once. The magic of the three of them is awesome. This is a kind of magic that you have never seen in a day, and it is also a kind of ancient magic that has been lost. Fleming, Terence, Walken, they call it mirror magic. This kind of magic itself is not aggressive, but it is very defensive and aggressive. You Yitian used to perform "do the same to the other" in the alley. At that time, Fleming thought that you Yitian could also perform this ancient mirror magic. Now what they perform is the authentic mirror magic. Mirror magic has two terrible powers. First, it is a defensive rebound; second, it is an auxiliary attack; the first point is not mentioned for the time being, let us first talk about this auxiliary attack. The assistant attack of mirror magic means that through the mirror effect of magic, the original magic energy of different systems can be transformed into the magic energy of the same system, and then the magic energy can be launched into the magic to help attack, making the power of that magic several times stronger in an instant. As soon as Arnold shouted this sentence, the three men immediately understood Arnold's intention, which was to ask them to use the assistant attack of mirror magic. As a result, the three men gathered all the magic energy and sent it to the mirror magic, then filtered it through the mirror magic, and finally fired spherical lightning at Arnold together. One day, you thought you had the victory in hand,Stainless steel foundry, but Arnold's spherical lightning suddenly flew into three powerful electrical energies. All of a sudden, Arnold's spherical lightning became super large. One day, you knew it was going to be bad. This super-large spherical lightning was far more powerful than the eight spherical lightning. I'm afraid they will be hit and fly. You just thought of this one day and "saw" eight spherical lightning bolts flying away. Now things are not good. The flying ball of lightning shot out in all directions. Two of them bounced back on the spot, but one day they launched the magic Hot Wheels to avoid it. Six more went to Walken, Terence, Fleming. However, due to the resilience of mirror magic, these out-of-control spherical lightning flew to the sky again. One day, you looked around and immediately avoided it. The horror of mirror magic is finally coming through. The out-of-control magic bounced back and was immediately controlled by Fleming, Terence, metal stamping parts ,metal stamping parts, and Walken. So the three men immediately merged the eight spherical lightning into Arnold's super-large spherical lightning again, like this. Arnold's spherical lightning was incredibly powerful. You couldn't believe his eyes for a day. Is that huge spherical lightning in front of us the work of that bastard Arnold? It has changed again and again, and it has become so big. Also, it absorbed my spherical lightning. 555555, my poor magical energy is someone else's. For the first time in his life, he began to hate people who robbed magic energy. But what you care about most is not Arnold's super-large spherical lightning. What you care about most is the combined magic of Fleming, Walken and Terence. What kind of bird is that magic? Why is it so powerful? Not only will it enhance Arnold's magic, but it will also control my spherical lightning. Terrible, those three guys are the ones worth noting! You Yitian had some regrets in his heart. 。 But it's too late to say anything now. Once again, the huge spherical lightning is approaching you for a day. You didn't even think about it for a day, so he used the magic Hot Wheels to dodge. Hey hey, this super large spherical lightning is powerful, but its speed is too poor, I just need to flash lightly, and I can avoid it. It's so cool. You Yitian can not help but feel a little proud, but also a little fearless. But you ignored the mirror magic of Terence and the three of them together one day. The huge spherical lightning bolt, after missing a hit, immediately rushed to the mirror magic in front of Fleming. The mirror magic immediately rebounded the super-large spherical lightning. After rebounding, it galloped away for another day. You Yitian was surprised. Not because of the super spherical lightning, but because of Fleming and their combined magic, even the super spherical lightning can bounce out of such a strong magic! This is terrible. ! One day you thought Arnold's giant spherical lightning was going to kill Fleming. 。
And after the rebound, they also controlled the super-large spherical lightning! You saw and understood this in an instant. Once again, he used the magic of Hot Wheels to get out of the way. But Youyitian knows that this is not a long-term solution. Because super-sized spherical lightning is accelerated every time it bounces. Every time it accelerates, its speed rises by about 10 meters per second, so in a few bounces, the super-large spherical lightning will catch up with you in speed for a day. At this time, Arnold also performed mirror magic! That's it Mirroring magic is everywhere throughout the day. The super-large spherical lightning will be accelerated once no matter which side it flies to. You Yitian heart cold half, look at this situation, oneself is hard top this terrible magic can not be. All magic can not exert its power in the encirclement of mirror magic, either it is bounced out or directly controlled. So if you want to deal with mirror magic, you can only do it in another way of energy, that is, fighting spirit. As soon as you realized this, you immediately made a prompt decision to use the power to transform the magic energy in the three magic props into gold fighting spirit. You Yitian's power is extremely powerful, and the transformation work is completed in a flash. At this time,car radiator cap, the super-large spherical lightning once again rebounded through the mirror magic and rushed to Youyi Day. You Yitian stopped dodging and shouted, "Come on, damn magic!" Chapter 209-Magic City is destroyed (Part 1).
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