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Wu. Move . *** . Kun (5th Jan 23 at 1:33am UTC)
"I will be responsible for the safety of Xiaoya. Nothing will happen to her. As for others, it's better to ask for more luck. I can't tell so much to protect them." Gu Yan's face was not very good-looking because of Lin Dong's straightforward words, but after she thought about it, she found that it seemed that they really didn't take care of Lin Dong too much, and it was reasonable that the latter didn't want to help them. Those children of the ancient family are also looking at each other, their faces are also somewhat unnatural, they are indifferent to Lin Dong these days, their hearts are naturally very clear.. The whole camp, for a time the atmosphere is a little stiff, the appearance of the immortal amulet division, obviously gave the children of the ancient family a lot of pressure, if do not think of ways to deal with, I am afraid once started, they will suffer a great loss. Gu Yan does not enter the oil and salt of Lin Dong seems to be a little headache, she thought about it, can only cast their eyes on the quaint, now here, Lin Dong seems to be only kind to the quaint. Gu Ya saw Gu Yan's eyes, but she shook her head timidly. Since Lin was unwilling to move, she dared not say anything more.. Seeing this, Gu Yan was particularly helpless,plastic pallet crates, and when she had a headache, Lin Dong suddenly turned his head and said, "It's not impossible for me to help.." "Hm?" Hearing this, Gu Yan and others were all in high spirits, and their eyes hurriedly looked at Lin Dong. But I want a reward, as if you asked me to do it. Lin Dong said lightly. What reward? Gu Yan was stunned for a moment and immediately asked cautiously. Ten thousand Xuan yuan Dan. There seemed to be a smile on Lin Dong's face. You are too cruel! "Why don't you rob ten thousand Xuan yuan Dan?!" The faces of the children of the ancient families around them all turned red, and one by one they shouted angrily, apparently thinking that Lin was moving in the lion's mouth. Compared with Shengsheng Xuanlingguo,plastic pallet suppliers, what is ten thousand Xuanyuan Dan? And when the time comes to start fighting, I'm afraid you will lose at least half of these people, do you think your life, even ten thousand Xuanyuan Dan is not worth it? Lin Dong smiled faintly. Many children of the ancient family suddenly dumb, his face was full of anger, and then looked at the ancient Yan. Under their gaze, Gu Yan Dai's eyebrows were also tightly wrinkled. She hesitated for a moment and then said, "Are you sure your help is worth the price?" "At least I can stop the fairy talisman." Lin Dongdao. How sure is it? Gu Yan asked. After recovering from the injury, he was 60% sure to slay him. Lin Dong said with a smile that although the immortal amulet master's mental strength was extremely strong, and the means of attack were also strange and unpredictable, the degree of difficulty was better than that of some strong people who were born in Xuanjing Xiaocheng, but this kind of person, for Lin Dong, who had devoured Zu Fu, was easier to deal with. As long as the strength is restored, plastic bulk containers ,ibc spill containment pallet, Lin Dong has the confidence to slay the immortal talisman here! Whoa. Lin move, but also caused some uproar, even Gu Yan is slightly discolored to stare at him, slay a fairy charms division? This ability, even if the life Xuanjing Xiaocheng strong can not do, this Lin move, unexpectedly can do? "Well, if you can really do it, then I'll give you ten thousand Xuan yuan Dan as a reward!" Gu Yan's eyes changed for a while, and immediately he bit his silver teeth and made up his mind. Hearing this, Lin moved his face to smile even more, and then he stretched out his hand in full view of the public. Give the money first. Chapter 838 impact nine yuan nirvana. Chapter 838 Gu Yan and others looked dumbfounded at Lin Dong, who stretched out his hand and looked quite righteous. For a moment, there was a sense of powerlessness in his heart. This guy.. "You haven't shown us yet. Who knows if you'll run away with Xuanyuan Dan.." muttered a son of the ancient family. As I said earlier, I need Xuanyuan Dan to heal my wounds. Lin Dongdao. Gu Yan helpless, she had heard before that Lin Dong needed Xuanyuan Dan, but did not expect this guy so eager. "Ten thousand Xuan yuan Dan is not a small number. The children of our ancient family can get less than a thousand in a month. How about I collect them first?" Gu Yan said. Cheng. Lin Dong simply nodded his head, then turned to a spacious carriage and said, "You can do it as soon as possible. I will try my best to recover in these two days. Otherwise, I will be in trouble if the Fairy Charm Master does it again.".
” Gu Yan looked at the figure of Lin Dong getting into the carriage, and Dai Mei could not help frowning slightly. Sister Gu Yan, can you trust this guy? He may have some skills, but the Talisman.. Not everyone can handle it. 。” A son of the ancient family whispered, and his voice was full of doubt. The rest of the children of the ancient family also nodded repeatedly, apparently doubting this, but previously because of Lin's fierce gesture, they did not dare to question it in front of them. The monster that attacked us tonight should indeed be manipulated, and those who have such ability, I'm afraid, really only have the spiritual strength to reach the strength of the immortal talisman.. "Gu Yan whispered." From the observation of the past few days, this Lin move is not like a person who speaks empty words, and now we really do not have too many choices, we must get the mysterious fruit, I must also use its strength to break through to the mysterious realm. Otherwise, two months after the five martial arts, our ancient family, may be difficult to achieve results.. "Gu Yanyu shook hands, way.". The children of the ancient families around him could only nod their heads when they heard this. Now this situation, wants to let in the family to send the strong person to support, obviously also is too late.. "Now, we can only believe that he really has the ability to contend with the fairy talisman.." Gu Yan's eyes looked at the carriage that Lin moved into. Such a sigh. ... Gu Yan work is also vigorous and resolute, only half a day, ten thousand Xuanyuan Dan. Is all into the hands of Lin Dong, such efficiency, but let the latter slightly satisfied. In the spacious carriage, Lin moved to sit, this carriage environment is obviously much better than the previous one, and Lin did not move to Gu Yan they are polite,collapsible pallet box, before he did not want to have any entanglement with them, but now that he promised to help. Then he naturally has no burden to ask for. I'll pay, you pay. Fair trade.
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