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Hunting country (5th Jan 23 at 1:36am UTC)
The big chief sighed. "You must understand, my dear, that a big man is different from a pet.". Do you understand? He doesn't want to marry you, and unless you change his mind, I can't force him to do anything. Chapter 215 into the forest. When Dodoro woke up, he felt a pain in his head and wanted to cut off his head with a knife. This kind of pain after a hangover is obviously unfamiliar to the magician. After two moans, he rolled over, holding his head and pouting his buttocks to try to sleep again, but then he kicked his buttocks hard with another foot. Whoa. A basin of cold water was sprinkled directly on Dodoro's head, and the magician in a daze suddenly jumped up with a scream. Are you awake? Good morning. Shaya, carrying an empty basin in his hand, stood by and looked at Dodoro with a smile. Dodoro was still full of anger, but when he saw Shaya, how could he get angry? The expression on his face suddenly came down, and he sat on the ground with his head in his arms: "Good morning, sir." "Looks like you had a good time last night." Shaya dropped the basin and sat beside Dodoro. The sorcerer blushed. Because last night's experience, for a magician's identity, is indeed a very inappropriate act. Attended the Zaku bonfire festival last night, and Dodoro was quickly defeated by the revelry of the Zaku natives. As a magician,stainless steel 304 pipes, Dodoro has many problems, but at least he never drinks. Although he is lazy, he has always been strict with himself in his private life, which is the case with almost all magicians on the continent. But last night, he could not remember when the first Zaku native laughed and stuffed a bowl of fruit wine into his hand. While he was still hesitating, several other Zaku natives pinched his neck and poured the wine into it. With the first bowl, things were much simpler. The wine brewed by Zaku natives tastes very light,side impact beams, even sweet and sour. Dodoro drank it very happily, but soon his reason began to lose. He vaguely remembered that he and a large group of Zaku people were singing and dancing around the fire, hugging every enthusiastic Zaku people around him, laughing and shouting, although they did not understand what the other side said, but the scene was unusually harmonious, and when it came to happy places, he grabbed the wine can and poured a few mouthfuls. That kind of stoned taste, and the whole body is full of the power of joy, as if all the pores of the body are going to pour out the feeling of joy. Dodoro had never tasted such a wonderful taste in his life. He even remembered that he had the audacity to embrace several Zaku native girls, and even dared to kiss two of them in the face, followed by more laughter, more dancing, and more wine. Drunk, beam impact tubes ,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, he felt as if he was no longer Dodoro, no longer the humble, incompetent and cowardly low-level magician, he felt as if he was an omnipotent magician teacher, he was carried up by several Zaku natives, kept throwing up and down, he shouted and laughed, and recited a lot of incantations. The scariest thing is that I seem to finally take off my clothes and run around the fire?! Uh. There seems to be such a thing?! The sorcerer blushed at the thought. What a shame! It's so humiliating! As a magician, how can you do such an undignified act! "Uh.." Sir, last night I.. Shaya smiled. "You were drunk last night." I.. I didn't do anything special, did I? I remember.. There was a hint of cunning in Shaya's smile. "Well, let me see, you seem to have said something and done a lot of things.". Let me think Oh, by the way, I think someone took off his clothes and ran around the fire last night, haha, but then again, Dodoro, your ass is white! The magician's head had been buried to his knees, but Shaya's next words made Dodoro even more pale.
"Well.." Later, it seemed that someone jumped onto the stage, saying that he was a magician, declaring that he was the world's strongest magician, saying that he wanted to defeat all the great magicians in the world. Let me think, it seemed that someone also declared that he wanted to marry Merlin as the eighteenth concubine. Alas, in that case, if it falls into Merlin's ears, I'm afraid it will cause great displeasure to the King of Witches. “……” Dodoro was so pale that he could not speak. The woodlouse sighed. "Tell me, if I tell Lord Merlin about this …" "I can't say!" Dodoro screamed like a cat whose tail had been trampled! "Can't you say a word?" "I can't say a word!" Dodoro was very anxious-if Merlin knew, he would be a frog for the rest of his life! "Oh, and …" Someone also said that one day, he would take people into Odin, into the city of Odin, capture the Emperor Odin, let the Emperor Odin be his horse, let the president of the Magician Guild be his apprentice, and let the Pope shine his boots.. Uh. What else is there? Dodoro's teeth trembled. "I.." Is that what I said? "It's more than that." Shaya grinned: "Someone also said that it is very uncomfortable to be a servant now, and when he becomes a magic teacher in the future, he will let'that Tubie named Shaya pour the toilet for me every day '.." Ah, yes, that's what it says. Dodoro's face had completely collapsed. He quickly grabbed Shaya's hand and cried with a sad face, "Sir, sir,Precision steel tubes, I don't have that kind of mind!"! I was just drunk and confused. "Don't worry, I won't punish you." Shaya shook his head with a magnanimous look. Oh Dodoro raised his head and looked longingly at Shaya. Actually Don't you feel a little strange in your body? Do you feel a special pain in your head? And the whole body seems to have a dull pain? Well, and.. 。
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