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Tremble, Imperial Examination Candidates Author: S (5th Jan 23 at 1:43am UTC)
Doctor Hua, who had white hair and beard, sniffed and went straight into the kitchen, looking around. Girl, what did you cook? Give me some quickly, old man. I've been dragged so far by your brother, and I'm already hungry. As soon as Doctor Hua entered the door, he praised Bai Yanyi for seeing clearly and transparently. This action gave Bai Yanyi a good impression in his heart. Therefore, in the face of the request for a bowl of fish, Bai Yanyan would not be stingy at all. All right, wait a moment. Bai Yanyan turned into the kitchen to get a bowl of fish, but Miao Guihua suddenly jumped up from the ground like an electric shock, holding her arms open in front of Dr. Hua, with a determined face to persuade her. Doctor Hua, you can't eat that fish! Don't eat it! My girl was in a daze when she was studying, and her mind was not very clear. She picked poisonous weeds and things in the poisonous woods to stew fish. Although it smelled good, those things were poisonous! I can't eat! I can't eat! Doctor Hua is the only doctor in Shili Baxiang. If Doctor Hua eats fish in their house, Miao Guihua is afraid that the people in Shili Baxiang will be able to organize a group to demolish their house! Doctor Hua twisted his brows. "What did you say?"? Did your girl use those poisonous weeds and things in the poisonous forest when she stewed fish in the pot? It shouldn't be. In fact, those things are not poisonous, but the internal nature is too dry,plastic pallet manufacturer, after eating, it is not good for people who are dry, but it will not hurt people, let alone poisonous. Get out of the way. I've brought a silver hairpin. If you try it, you'll know whether it's poisonous or not. Just then, Bai Yanyan brought out most of the bowl of soup and meat and handed it to Doctor Hua. "Doctor Hua, this fish soup has just come out of the pot. It's still a little hot. Be careful when you drink it." Doctor Hua nodded with satisfaction,wholesale plastic pallet, reached out his hand and pulled out the silver hairpin from his hair crown, rubbed it slightly on his clothes, and poked the silver hairpin directly into the fish soup. Everyone held their breath. After standing for five or six breaths, Dr. Hua took the silver hairpin out of the fish soup, squinted at it, and saw that the silver hairpin was as bright and clean as new, not even a small black spot, and directly inserted it back into the hair crown, "No poison, you can rest assured to eat." Bai Yanyi was completely relieved. Authority is like this, even if Bai Yanqi carries the fish to eat half a pot, it is not worth a word from Dr. Hua here. Take out a few more bowls, each bowl are ladled with a large piece of meat and more than half a bowl of fish soup, one by one on the stove, foldable bulk container ,plastic pallet manufacturer, Bai Yan said: "I have filled out the fish soup, who wants to eat to take their own.". Qingyuan is young, afraid of eating fish bones stuck in the throat, sister-in-law you are tired to feed Qingyuan, I left you a bowl, still hot in the pot! Li Xiu'e took the bowl in a daze and scooped out a spoonful of soup with a spoon and put it in her mouth. When the spicy fish soup fell into her stomach along the esophagus, she came to her senses and murmured, "Who said the fish was not delicious?"? Listening to her ramble, I've never eaten anything better than this fish. Bai Zhengqi had been greedy for this fish for a long time. Before that, the fish to his mouth was beaten to the ground by Miao Guihua, which made him feel painful. Now, when he heard Dr. Hua say that the fish was not poisonous, he was even more angry. This prodigal woman! Even if you are stupid, you still want to say that others are stupid! Bai Zhengqi saw clearly that his little girl didn't have hysteria at all, and she was very clever! Without his little girl, who would have known that the fish that fluttered in the river all day tasted so good! Who knew that the poisonous weeds and the things in the poisonous woods could make such delicious food? Seeing that everyone had mutinied from her camp, Miao Guihua felt more and more aggrieved, but her stomach could not resist the temptation of the fragrance, and began to call again and again, constantly instigating rebellion. Why don't I have a taste? Just one taste! Miao Guihua doubtfully picked up the bowl, ate a mouthful, eyes flashed a trace of shock, a little hesitation for a moment, chopsticks and poked on the fish. One more bite, one more bite! The taste of this fish is just like this. How good can it be? "Well, it seems to taste good. I'll just have a bite!"! I won't eat it after this bite.
” "Well.." Would you like another bite? "There aren't a few bites left anyway, so let's finish it all!"! Since Dr. Hua said that the fish was not poisonous, it would be all right after eating it. Would my daughter lie to me? It's rare to open a meat meal. Such an opportunity can't be missed easily! Unconsciously, Miao Guihua had already made her face swollen. Smelling the fragrance, the villagers of Baijia Village gathered outside the courtyard. The timid people looked inside, while the bold people climbed up the dangerous wall that might fall down at any time. Li Zheng Bai Geng squeezed in from the crowd with a bowl of half-dry and half-thin white rice in his hand, shouting loudly, "Bai Zhengqi, what delicious food did you buy from the county town, so fragrant?" The next second, Bai Geng saw the fish bones and fish bones in front of Bai Zhengqi, and the smile on his face instantly stagnated. The author has something to say: the success of the contract, read the book to a collection of cute ah! Collection is the greatest affirmation of Mr. Mo! Thanks to the nutrient solution of'Long Legs'! Noble, please accept the steamed bread and worship! Chapter 8 system, what do I need you for? People don't like to eat fish. The fishy taste of fish is only one of the reasons. Another reason is the dense thorns in the fish. The taste of fish is not very good, and the thorns are small and many, which is enough to dispel many people's appetite. Who wants to risk their life for a mouthful of disgusting fish? "Righteousness, did you just eat fish?" Bai Geng was shocked and went to Bai Zhengqi. When he opened Bai Zhengqi's bowl, he didn't even see a piece of meat. He immediately turned around and went to pick up Dr. Hua's bowl. When he just entered the door, he could see clearly that apart from the fish in Bai Zhengguang's daughter-in-law Li Su-e's bowl,spill plastic pallet, only Doctor Hua's bowl was not empty. As Li Zheng, how could he pick up Li Su-yuan's bowl, so he could only put his idea into Doctor Hua's bowl.
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