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World and Europe (5th Jan 23 at 1:43am UTC)
"Please save her!" Leon didn't know what had happened, why the old man was staring at him as if he were possessed-but the most important thing now was Amy! "Yes.." Yes Pipin suddenly came to his senses and involuntarily went into the room, drove everything on the table to the ground, then pulled down the sheets from his bed and spread them on the table, and covered them with a thin blanket. God. It's like it's happening all over again. Pippin stared at the man-Leon carefully placed Amy on the blanket, and his whole attention was focused on Amy, completely unaware of Pippin next to him. Curiosity and doubt filled Pippin's heart as never before, and he was so busy preparing the instruments for healing that he didn't even know that the glassware had fallen to the ground and been broken. What is the relationship between this woman and him? Doesn't he already have a wife? Why are you with her again? Where were the other two men he was with that day? Why do the four of them look like adventurers? It can't be a coincidence-there can't be people who look like that-and their eyes are a rare fiery red! …… "She was injured by electrical magic, the injury is not serious, but a slight physical overdraft, with more advanced healing magic can completely solve the problem, and then a few days of good rest will be fully recovered,collapsible pallet box, if the constitution is good, probably only one day can be." Leon breathed a sigh of relief when he heard Pippin's words. He stood up with a whoosh and took Pippin's old hand in his big hand. "Thank you so much!"! "Suddenly he seemed to remember something and stretched his hand to his waist." This.. How much do you want to be paid? I I don't have any money right now. All the money he had on him had been given to the blacksmith, and Leon turned to Plummer with some embarrassment. Hey-Plama, can you lend me some money? "I don't know what you're talking about!" Plama glared at him and got up to put a money bag into Pippin's hand. "Here are two thousand gold coins. If we can,plastic pallet supplier, we want to stay here tonight.." If it's not convenient, at least let her have a good rest, and we can sleep outside. Pippin was about to say something when suddenly the woman behind the two men stepped forward and shoved a money bag into his other hand. Here are two thousand gold pieces, and this time it's all because of me, so I'll pay for it. "You don't have to argue with me," Arsena said impassively. "You.." Leon's eyes stared and he tried to say something, but Prama stopped him. So be it. Plama put her hand on Leon's chest and looked at Arsena and said, "I think we can talk about it when Amy's all right." "There's nothing to talk about-I have a lot of things to do and I don't have that much time." Arsena left the words behind and turned around and walked out of the door. Leon looked at Prama in an incredible way: "What is this?"! Is there such a bad woman as her? It was all because of the inexplicable challenge she put forward, and now Amy was injured and she threw down a bag of money and left. "This is the end of the matter." Plama said lightly, drum spill containment ,plastic pallet box, "Now all you have to do is care about Amy's injury, do you understand?" Leon snorted unhappily, but could not refute Prama's words, as long as he turned his head to one side and looked at Amy without speaking. He's not the man. Although he looked, looked and sounded like the man who had broken into his house with his wife more than twenty years ago, Pippin, who had calmed down from his initial surprise, could be sure of that. He looked even younger than the man of twenty years ago, and he didn't have that strange mark on his forehead — and a special feeling, Pipin didn't know how to say — He gave Pippin a different feeling from the man twenty years ago.
But-but Pippin wondered, even if it wasn't the same person, could there be some kind of relationship between them? For example, could the barbarian warrior with a giant sword behind him be the child he delivered in this cabin more than twenty years ago? …… It was already dark, and Gracewood and Lady Gillian had also arrived at Pippin's cottage. For some reason, everyone was in a good mood. Leon had been worried about Amy's injury, but with Prama's persuasion, he finally dispelled his worries. The cows they killed at the Moo Farm became a sumptuous dinner-under the command of Lady Gillian, two men, Prama and Grace, claimed to make the best Harry Potter roast whole cow in the world. I can't believe you're a good cook. "Lyonna was attracted by the smell of beef and praised Prama loudly." Is it? But I'll tell you a secret. Necromancer's food is usually poisonous. Prama laughed. Mr. Pippin will prepare the antidote. I can eat the beef first and then drink that. Leon grinned, and suddenly his face sank. "Oh, it's a pity Amy can't eat such a good thing-she's still sleeping and doesn't know when she'll wake up." "And Asenna, who probably thought we would blame her and left in a fit of pique, or she could have come with us." As soon as Plama finished, Leon frowned and said, "Of course I blame her!"! If it wasn't for her words- "Before he had finished speaking, Prama shoved a big lump of beef into his mouth, which made Leon roll his eyes." Eat your beef honestly! Don't talk nonsense! ——” Leon swallowed the beef and said thoughtfully to Plama,euro plastic pallet, "Hey, do you like that Arsena? You get angry when I say she's not good.." The second lump of beef interrupted him again, and Prama clapped her hands and said to him with a smile: "It's good to know-go on enjoying your dinner!" 。
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