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Woman, wake up, you belong to the man. (13th Jan 23 at 1:18am UTC)
But fortunately she came, she must work hard to change Ning Yuqing's miserable life, let her school days go smoothly, and so on after graduation to support Ning Yuqing entrepreneurship, she will spare no effort to help her, let her stand at the top of the pyramid, so that when she meets her future object, she can not be looked down upon and blocked by her parents. After the ointment was applied, they returned home with the medicine prescribed by the doctor. Ye Xiao wanted to continue cooking, but was stopped by Ning Yuqing. Ning Yuqing cooked much more skillfully and quickly than Ye Xiao, and in less than an hour, three dishes were ready. Ye Xiao, who had been hungry for a long time, scooped up two bowls of rice, one of his own and one of Ning Yuqing's, and grabbed his chopsticks and ate wildly. The meal cooked by her client was so delicious that Ye Xiao ate it with tears in her eyes and wished she could eat Ning Yuqing's cooking for three meals a day. Maybe consider asking Ning Yuqing to help her cook? Ye Xiao couldn't help looking up at Ning Yuqing, who was eating slowly, and then shook his head. No, no,fish measuring tape, I still want to be friends. What does it look like to let someone help me cook. After denying the idea, Ye Xiao took the table dish as the last supper. After dinner, Ning Yuqing was very diligent to help her wash the bowls and chopsticks. Ye Xiao was quite embarrassed. When someone came to her house, she, the host, did not cook for her, but also let people wash the dishes. However,Fish measuring board, Ye Xiao was afraid that Ning Yuqing would feel that he was too polite to be'raised 'by himself in the future, and did not dare to refuse. When Ning Yuqing finished washing the dishes, they went upstairs to do their homework, during which Ning Yuqing also tutored her homework. It has to be said that even Ye Xiao, who came to high school again, had to bow to Ning Yuqing. Not only can I get the first place in the whole grade in the exam, but also I have a clear idea of the topic. If I teach with their teachers, I will definitely PK the teachers hired by their school. After finishing his homework and tutoring, it was already very late. Ye Xiao looked at the time and said to Ning Yuqing, "It's so late. It's better to stay here tonight. It's not safe to go back alone at night." Ning Yuqing seemed to hesitate. She bit her lower lip gently with her teeth and looked out of the window at the night without saying a word. Ye Xiao looked at Ning Yuqing expectantly. Ning Yuqing frowned slightly and finally refused: "No." Ye Xiao was a little disappointed and said sternly, "But I'm really worried about you going back so late." "No." Ning Yuqing's attitude is very firm to refuse. Ye Xiao sighed lightly, but did not continue to persuade him. Although she has done a lot of good things in this incident, she is not good enough to let Ning Yuqing live here. She can't be anxious. Why should she push people too hard? All right, horse weight tape ,Pi tape measure, I'll take you to the gate of the neighborhood. Ye smiled and compromised. Ning Yuqing shook his head gently: "No." Ye Xiao did not agree this time, insisted on sending Ning Yuqing, Ning Yuqing had no way, but also did not agree, so carrying a schoolbag to go out. The street lights in the community are very bright, even at night, you can find the way clearly, and from time to time there will be a few veterans patrolling, very safe. At the gate of the community, Ye Xiao grabbed Ning Yuqing, who wanted to go home. Ning Yuqing wanted to refuse. Ye Xiao said, "I asked you to help me make up lessons at night. It's a welfare to let you go home by taxi. Otherwise, when will you go?" As he spoke, the taxi had stopped in front of them, and Ye Xiao pulled open the car rental door and let Ning Yuqing go up. Ning Yuqing had to go up and say thank you. Before closing the door, Ye Xiao put her cell phone in Ning Yuqing's hand and gave her the money for today's remedial class: "Call me when you get home. The air conditioner in the car is not good. Try to open the window to blow the natural wind." The meaning of the last sentence is that he is afraid that the driver will use the kind of smoke with smoke and so on. Without waiting for Ning Yuqing to give her her cell phone, Ye Xiao had already closed the taxi door and turned to leave quickly. After the taxi drove away, Ye Xiao came out of the dark and went back to his home. On the way, Ye Xiao and the system said, "I want to buy a mobile phone for Ning Yuqing." The system said, "She won't accept it." "Of course I know," said Ye with a sigh. The system thought, you know what else you are blindly comparing and buying. Ye Xiao thought, can't she think of a way if she doesn't accept it? After returning home, Ye Xiao washed up and waited for Ning Yuqing's news in front of the phone.
About twenty minutes later, the phone rang at home. Ye Xiao quickly connected, and there came Ning Yu's clear and cold voice: "I'm home." Ye Xiao breathed a sigh of relief: "That's good, then let's go to sleep quickly." Ning Yuqing was silent for a while and suddenly said, "I have paid too much for the supplementary lessons." She worked in a small restaurant for only a dozen yuan a day. She made up lessons for Ning Yuqing for less than three hours. Ning Yuqing gave her one hundred yuan a day, which was three thousand yuan a month, more than her mother earned from working. Ning Yuqing did not know, Ye Xiao also wanted to give two hundred, anyway, her savings will be spent in the future for Ning Yuqing to start a business, it is better to change Ning Yuqing's life ahead of time. Although Ning Yuqing's grades are very good now, Ye Xiao always feels that it would be better if she could not be busy with her life and concentrate on her studies. However, Ye Xiao was afraid of giving Ning Yuqing too much and preferred not to accept it. Sure enough, Ning Yuqing felt too much when he gave one hundred yuan. Ye Xiao said what he had prepared for a long time: "It's not much at all. You worked for manual labor before." Manual labor is cheap and anyone can do it. But you're doing some mental work right now. "Other people's tutors cost 100 yuan an hour, and they are also single-subject teachers. What about you? You teach me general subjects. It takes nearly three hours a day. It's still me who takes advantage." Ye Xiao said these words, waiting for Ning Yuqing's reaction, she knew that it was useless to escape from this matter. He said that if he did not persuade Ning Yuqing to hang up the phone directly and go to school the next day, they would still be able to touch each other. So she must convince Ning Yuqing,Horse weight lbs, there has been no sound, Ye Xiao and so on full of anxiety. Chapter 15 just want to be good friends (have caught worms). "Thank you." Ning Yuqing's voice came from the other end of the phone, with a rare and obvious voice in his tone.
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