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Princess Changle of the Tang Dynasty (13th Jan 23 at 1:20am UTC)
At this time the sky has been quietly dark down, Li Lizhi looked out of the window, finally to the evening, after a while, it will be time for dinner. Li Lizhi looked back at this empty flower house, Zhangsun Chong has not come back, I do not know what he is busy with. It was time for someone to prepare dinner. Li Lizhi cleaned the pen and put it back on the bracket. She was about to get up to call Cai Wei, but the door was pushed open from the outside. The bearer was none other than Li Lizhi's lover. Seeing the figure of Zhangsun Chong, Li Lizhi smiled unconsciously. He came against the light, tall and straight, like a touch of light in Li Lizhi's heart. When he came to the front of the desk and looked at Li Lizhi with low eyebrows, his deep eyes seemed to have invisible attraction, and he would sink into them if he looked at them more. Li Lizhi lowered her eyebrows and eyes, showing a little panic. Then she saw the scroll that had not yet been put away, and the poem she wrote was particularly striking. It was too late to take it away now. Li Lizhi quietly glanced up at Zhangsun Chong. It was obvious that he had noticed the poem. According to Zhangsun Chong's talent and learning, he must know the meaning of the poem. I have such a place in your heart. Zhangsun Chong looked at Li Lizhi deeply, with obvious tenderness in his eyes, and did not hide his attachment to her at all. Fortunately, Li Lizhi has been used to such a gentle Zhangsun Chong,endless pool swim spa, otherwise she will be shocked by this scene. She put the scroll away, turned around and crashed into Zhangsun Chong's arms. After a few days, is a night of spring, touching melancholy. Pregnant "Aren't you pregnant?" In the Tinglan Waterside Pavilion of the Princess Mansion, Li Xian looked at Li Lizhi, who was sick of eating snacks, and tried to tell her guess. She came to Japan today to see Tang yuan,american hot tub, but unfortunately, Li Jinhua was taking Tang yuan to rest, so Li Xian and Li Lizhi were drinking tea and chatting in Tinglan Waterside Pavilion. It took Li Lizhi a while to ease up. When she heard Li Xian's words, she was stunned and then said with a smile, "It shouldn't be, right?"? It's not so easy to get pregnant. She and Zhangsun Chong only had two times. Although Li Lizhi really wants to get pregnant, it's not urgent to give birth to a child, and it needs to be done slowly. Is that easy for you? When Li Xian heard this, she couldn't help laughing. She lowered her eyebrows and took a sip of tea. Then she put the teacup back on the stone table. "You've been married to your eldest grandson for three years. It's too late to be pregnant now.". Besides, pregnancy depends on chance, and it can't be judged by whether it's easy or not. Looking at Li Xian's eloquent appearance, Li Lizhi was speechless for a moment. She could not say that they had not performed the ceremony of husband and wife in the first two years of their marriage. Zhangsun Chong's mother also hinted at Li Lizhi, but she did not urge them, hot tub wholesale ,endless swim pool, after all, their husband and wife are still very young, it does not matter to have children later. The most important thing is that Zhangsun Wuji does not attach importance to this matter, he has twelve sons can inherit the incense of the Zhangsun family, do not have to hold Zhangsun Chong alone. Seeing that Li Li was silent, Li Xian thought that she did not agree with her words, so she added, "I am a person who has given birth to a child, and naturally I understand that the first pregnancy is a symptom of this." Lest Li Lizhi disapprove, Li Xian then added, "Did you see the brocade painting when it was pregnant?"? Don't take it for granted. If you're pregnant, it's a big deal. Five younger sister, you stay in the princess house all day and have nothing to do, why don't you go and ask a doctor to have a look? Li Xian's words are worth pondering, Li Lizhi recently ate some greasy food will be sick, often feel tired. When Li Jinhua was just pregnant, it was such a symptom. If you're really pregnant. But chance can't be a coincidence, can it? Li Lizhi secretly thought about this matter, she has not considered whether to ask the doctor to see, also temporarily did not mention this matter to Zhangsun Chong. After several days of continuous rain, I finally saw the warm sun climbing into the sky. The afternoon sun was particularly warm and comfortable. Li Lizhi leaned against the soft couch in front of the window, covered with a blanket. The sun shone through the window and poured on Li Lizhi. She turned the pages of a book in her hand, languid and drowsy. Li Lizhi didn't sleep late last night, and she slept very well. How could she feel sleepy again? Li Lizhi raised her hand and rubbed her eyebrows so that she could cheer herself up and read the book carefully and attentively.
But the handwriting on the scroll seemed to have a kind of hypnotic magic in Li Lizhi's eyes, which made her feel sleepy. Is it difficult for Li Xian to be right? Pregnant Li Lizhi simply put the scroll aside and closed her eyes to carefully recall the situation these days. Hearing the sound of pushing the door in a trance, Li Lizhi's drowsy thoughts gradually sobered up and she opened her eyes and looked at the door. Tall figure appeared behind the screen, the pace is slow and steady, the person must be Zhangsun Chong, did not wait for him to approach, Li Lizhi cheer up to sit up straight, full of joy to look at the figure. Zhangsun Chong went around the screen and saw her beautiful eyes on the soft couch, smiling and smiling, and Zhangsun Chong's lips rose unconsciously. Seeing him come back, Li Lizhi was both surprised and surprised. "Why did you come back so early today?" The sun was still shining outside the window, and it was not long after noon. Even if I had come back earlier, it would not have been as early as today. I had nothing to do today, so I came back earlier. Zhangsun Chong said as he came to Li Lizhi and sat down beside her. His eyes inadvertently glanced at the scroll that Li Lizhi had put aside. Zhangsun Chong reached out and picked up the scroll. The word "Book of Songs" came into view. Zhangsun Chong, holding the book in his slender hand, opened it to a few pages, all of which were words he knew by heart. He looked at her slightly, "Do you also like to read the Book of Songs?"? I think you are more suitable for painting. Li Li-chih's poem on the picture scroll in Taolin in Shangyuan is neat in handwriting, but it is not good enough to match the artistic conception of the picture scroll. But Li Lizhi's attainments in painting,garden jacuzzi tub, let alone in many princesses, is the entire Tang Dynasty royal family, I am afraid few people can match it. Such talent is unparalleled in the world. Li Lizhi smiled and did not speak. She understood that Zhangsun Chong did not mean to belittle herself.
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