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Great Chinese medicine (13th Feb 23 at 2:56am UTC)
"Of course, the three famous doctors have three kinds of pulse. Each person has a different sense of cultivation, and his understanding of the pulse is also different, but he must first understand the main pulse, and then he can gradually understand other miscellaneous pulses and form his own pulse.". Floating, sinking, slow, rapid, slippery, astringent, deficient, excessive, long, short, strong, slight, tight, slow, wiry, leathery, firm, weak, weak, scattered, thin, latent, moving, promoting, knotting,disc air diffuser, latent, all twenty-seven main meridians. The pulse method in the world is also confined to this. Because of the difference of natural environment, season and people's constitution, some pulse conditions also appear on the pulse of ordinary people, every time there is a pulse of the time and a pulse of the person, but the word "slow" is disease-free. "Inside and outside the main pulse, there are also miscellaneous pulses hidden, which many people ignore and can not perceive, so the real pulse, those pulse books handed down from generation to generation only show three points, the other seven points still need to be perceived at home.". Feel with your hands and understand with your heart. This requires the touch of the fingers to be keen and calm. Under the three fingers,Wall Penstocks, the information of the human body is all in it. This is why I want you to distinguish the innumerable yellow rice grains under the fingers. The pulse condition of a person is complicated, and it can not be diagnosed by distinguishing several main pulses. In the future, you will have a new feeling on the patient's pulse, which is different from before, and then you will be guided by the doctor. Lin Fengyi's Chinese medicine clinic has been moved to a spacious room downstairs, and has been divided into a diagnosis room and a treatment room. The opening time of the clinic has been extended to another Thursday. This is for Song Hao to learn the pulse method and get more contact with all kinds of diseases. Every time Lin Fengyi examined a pulse, Song Hao followed up. At the beginning, there was a big gap between them, but after a long time, they gradually approached each other. On some pulse conditions, Lin Fengyi pointed out one or two sentences, and Song Hao was able to take the hint without any trouble. The more delighted Lin Feng-yi was, the more smoothly he taught. By this time, Song Hao knew that this pulse method was unique in the Central Plains, which was beyond his own imagination, and that the twenty-seven main pulses he had been accustomed to were just a framework. "Lin's pulse method" is detailed and exquisite, which is amazing. For example, the maximum error of blood pressure is only 10 millimeters of mercury. There is a hypertensive patient, Lin Feng's free clinic is 100 mm Hg in low pressure and 160 mm Hg in high pressure. Then Tang Yufu verified with a sphygmomanometer that the actual low pressure was 100 mm Hg, exactly the same, lamella tube ,fine bubble diffuser, and the high pressure was 165 mm Hg, with only five errors. If the pulse is like this, it is close to the supernatural power. Luo Feiying, Tang Yu two people also follow the side to practice, Lin Fengyi also carefully explained, but she two people in the pulse position feeling is more in the heart, refers to the difficult to understand, not as good as Song Hao first feeling to go, one point is connected. However, with the training of this superior, the pulse method of the two of them has also improved, and compared with the original pulse force, there is a world of difference. The two of them were very excited about each other. To Lin Fengyi's surprise, Song Hao is not only as skilled as Tang Yu in prescribing medicines, but also in needling techniques, and the use of slender needles under his fingers is superb. It can be said that the pain was stopped by the needle and the stubborn illness was cured immediately, which caused the patients in the consulting room to cry out. Knowing that the disciple recommended by Xiao Boran was originally an omnipotent master in all aspects of medicine, he came here just to learn his pulse method, and secretly respected him. So more than three months, Song Hao all Lin Fengyi pulse method true biography, the rest is only clinical proficiency. So Lin Fengyi and Song Hao moved to sit, and Song Hao began to receive treatment in an all-round way. He sat beside him and gave guidance when he encountered difficulties. Song Haomai's progress is faster than Lin Fengyi's expectation. Originally, Song Hao's foundation had been built, and more importantly, these patients who had been diagnosed by Lin Fengyi had helped Song Hao. With the number of five or six hundred people, Song Hao came into contact with the complex pulse conditions of various styles. He understood under his fingers and in his chest. It would be strange if he did not make rapid progress. As Lin Fengyi said, it is no exaggeration to say that Song Hao has accepted the achievements of others for decades. Chapter 6 Death Purl The medical theory is infinite, but the pulse science is difficult to understand. Once the understanding person is suddenly enlightened, it all depends on Zen enlightenment. Three-Finger Zen by Zhou Xueting in Qing Dynasty During this period, Song Hao, Tang Yu and Luo Feiying became famous and became the stars of the hospital. It is mainly the acupuncture and moxibustion of the three people and the prescriptions prescribed by them, which have achieved remarkable results and attracted a large number of patients from far and near.
As a result, the hospital took advantage of the situation, and the original registration fee of three yuan per ticket rose to 20 yuan, which was euphemistically called the expert group registration fee. And is arranged in order, the first 50 are particularly popular, so that there are scalpers who resell "registration forms". The black market price of the first fifty has exceeded 100 yuan, and the supply exceeds the demand. Lin Fengyi, Song Hao and others know nothing about these situations. Faced with the increasing number of patients, Song Hao and Tang Yu often smiled at each other, and they saw the great prospects of Tianyitang in the future. Song Hao, Tang Yu and Luo Feiying, three young Chinese medicine experts who did not know where to come from, had long attracted the attention of President Wang, and through observation, it was found that among the three young people, Song Hao was an important figure, while Tang Yu and Luo Feiying were "accompanying students". So President Wang found Song Hao in private, hoping to hire him to stay in the hospital with a high salary in the future. He was rejected by Song Hao with a smile. So President Wang found Lin Fengyi again, hoping that he could leave Song Hao to work in the hospital in the name of his master in the future. Lin Fengyi then said, "This son is not a thing in the pond!"! No one can keep him. When President Wang saw that he could not be hired by force, he wanted to seize this opportunity and asked Lin Fengyi to open a clinic the next day to increase the number of visits. He was rejected by Lin Fengyi. Apart from wanting to teach Song Hao's pulse theory in his spare time, the more important thing is not to be too tired, otherwise it will be misdiagnosed. Naturally, this is what President Wang, who is bent on increasing the efficiency of the hospital, cannot understand. At the same time, Song Hao, Tang Yu and Luo Feiying have also become the attention of another group of people, that is, the salesmen of major pharmaceutical factories, including the medical representatives of Tianyi Group in this city. They tried every means to get close to the three people, hoping to prescribe more Chinese and Western medicines produced by their own pharmaceutical factories. And promised to give a generous share and return. But the three of them did not have the leisure to pay attention to these, so naturally they waved their hands and refused. So Song Hao,rapid sand filters, Tang Yu and Luo Feiying, the three "invulnerable" young people, can not help but make people speculate one after another. Who the hell are they? It is really inconceivable to suddenly come out and give excellent medical skills without accepting any benefits.
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