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Full version of Man Chao Feng Hua (13th Feb 23 at 2:59am UTC)
Shangguan Rin said in a loud voice, "What haven't I done?"? There is nothing in the world that can baffle me. Am I still afraid of a man?! His words were a threat to Dong Qingqiu, but also seemed to embolden himself. Fumigation Qingqiu was overturned on the bed by Shangguan Rin. He was stunned, and then Shangguan Rin got the upper hand again. Shangguan also read a trace of fear from Dong Qingqiu's eyes, which further confirmed his guess. He could not help sneering: "It seems that Dong Qing is not very good at this. I think you are afraid!" When he said this, one hand was across Dong Qingqiu's body, and the other hand was half supporting his body, so that he could look down at Dong Qingqiu. Not to be outdone, Kaoru said, "Ha ha, am I afraid?"? I have countless royal men, even the general, so fierce men have to submit to me, the emperor I think you are almost the same as the general. "You.." Shangguan Rin saw Dong Qingqiu laughing again, which made him very angry. He took a deep breath and simply turned around and pressed on Dong Qingqiu. "Really?"! I'd like to see you. What a royal law! Said this, but also full of momentum, a vow to eat Dong Qingqiu alive, Dong Qingqiu really startled, but when Dong Qingqiu put his hand around his waist, feel Shangguan Rin trembling all over, Dong Qingqiu will know that Shangguan Rin is a strong posture. Ah,Magnesium Oxide powder, you'd better call in Feng Guang from outside! Dong Qingqiu said and shouted, "Xiao Xu, put.." This word has not finished, was Shangguan Lin flustered to cover her mouth with her hand, "OK!"! Are you really not ashamed?! Qingqiu looked at Shangguan Rin innocently. "The emperor doesn't care about his reputation. What is Qingqiu's?"? Besides, which part of the emperor's body has Qingqiu not seen? When Dong Qingqiu said this, his eyelids turned down, as if to look at Shangguan Rin's lower body through the gap between them. Shangguan Rin was frightened by Dong Qingqiu's eyes,potassium sulphate fertilizer, and he was even more surprised to hear Dong Qingqiu's words. "What did you say you had seen?" The whole face finally turned into eggplant color uncontrollably. "You mean." He reached out and clamped Dong Qingqiu's throat. "That day in Houhu!"! Is it you?! Xun Qingqiu didn't expect Shangguan Lin to change his face when he said he would change his face, and he became angry directly from embarrassment. She left her shoes and black clothes that day, just to warn Shangguan Lin that she had a handle in the hands of others, but now she didn't need any handle, and she didn't dare to do anything to herself. On the contrary, seeing Shangguan Rin's angry appearance from embarrassment, Dong Qingqiu could not help feeling that Shangguan Rin was a man of flesh and blood now. What did you see?! Shangguan Rin was very nervous, obviously the high volume was forcibly suppressed by himself, hoarse voice, panting at Dong Qingqiu, eyes full of shame and indignation. Oh, I didn't see anything, after all, it was too dark, "Dong Qingqiu observed, Magnesium Oxide MgO ,calcium nitrate sol, Shangguan Rin heard this sentence face a little slow, did not have time to breathe a sigh of relief, listen to Dong Qingqiu said again," just to help the emperor put on his clothes.. " Shangguan Lin's face suddenly turned black again. That night, he had only one impulse. When he woke up, he only saw his clothes disheveled, one hand holding his manhood, and his hands were all sticky. Listen to Xun Qingqiu to say so, only feel a hot head, a bang to collapse, "you." Unexpectedly, you! Too. How abominable! Shangguan Rin was somewhat incoherent and turned into an unconscious teenager, as if his privacy had been peeped at by others, which made him confused. Xiang Qingqiu didn't expect that Shangguan Rin, who had always been calm, would have such a side. He couldn't help but be surprised. Just as he was about to make fun of him, Shangguan Rin almost broke Dong Qingqiu's neck: "You drugged me in the wine that day and wanted me to make a fool of myself!"! I'd like to see how you want to blackmail me! With a little effort on his hand, Dong Qingqiu's face turned red. Ok You killed me! See how you deal with.. Deal with Jiang Wanghan! Dong Qingqiu held his breath and insisted. Do you think I'm afraid of Jiang Wanghan?! I still have his sister! Shangguan Lin showed a ferocious expression, a pair of eagle eyes cold light pressing.
"All right." Then try. Dong Qingqiu was almost speechless, "take your rivers and mountains as a bet." Shangguan Linwei squinted, almost riding on the body of Dong Qingqiu, looking at the body under this circle than their own thin, only need their own light force, can want its life man, but just can't do it. He didn't know how to persuade Jiang Wanghan, but Jiang Wanghan was strong and resolute. Although he would not rise up against himself, he might become king himself. He would cultivate and support himself at the border, not rely entirely on the court. Once Jiang Wanghan became independent, he would directly weaken half of Chu's forces. The strength of Shangguan Rin's hand was melted away by Dong Qingqiu's weak words. As soon as his hand slanted, he split it into a corner of the room, only to hear a few cracking sounds, and what woodwork turned into fragments directly under his palm. Dong Qingqiu! I'm not afraid of you, you know, I can kill you at any time! As soon as Shangguan Rin's words were released, his body tilted, and he did not know when Dong Qingqiu had so much strength under his body that he overturned himself with one foot, regardless of the fact that he was still out of breath just now, and ran to the place where the sound was made. Oh my God! My Lvqiqin! When Dong Qingqiu heard the sound, she was already sensitively aware that something was broken, and when she saw with her own eyes that her priceless green harp had turned into fragments, her heart was in pain. She crouched down and looked at the sawdust fragments all over the floor, and her teeth clucked with hatred. "Shangguan Rin!"! You pay for my green harp! She called him by his first name. Shangguan Rin had already put on his shoes and walked over from the bedside. He was very dissatisfied with Dong Qingqiu for ignoring his threatening threat just now. Instead, he held a pile of fragments of the harp in his arms and even called him by his name. He stepped directly on the fragments and said in a cold voice, "Well, I'll find a harp for you to bury.." The words did not finish, his eyes seemed to be attracted by something, fixed in the fragments. Man Chao Feng Hua,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, Volume 5, Chapter 23, Qian Fei Agate.
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