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Stepmom, she rolled over. (13th Feb 23 at 3:06am UTC)
Shi Jiao suddenly sat up in a state of fainting, and Youyou said behind the man who spoke ill of her, "I didn't really faint." The man was frightened by Shi Jiao's mother and shut up. Shi Jiao pulled the rope on her body at random and ordered, "Get out of the car and tie it up!"! Wait for him to get up by himself, and none of you will run away! Only then did several men open the car door and drag Zhuo Wenshu, who had fainted, up. Shi Jiaojiao personally tied the man into a big dumpling, covered his head with a cloth bag prepared in advance, got out of the car and locked the car that had fallen into the pit. Then the van restarted and headed for the outskirts of the city. When Zhuo Wenshu woke up, his eyes were dark. He had been overcast too many times. He was very alert and did not move. Instead, he tried to rub off the cloth bag wrapped around his head. The room was silent, and Zhuo Wenshu did not know that in the other room, a group of people were plotting what to do later. Sitting cross-legged on the shabby spring bed, Shi Jiao bit her finger and said in a low voice, "One of you." Shi Jiao waved her index finger and finally pointed at the most muscular man. Just you. You'll *** me in front of him later. A few people are a gym coach, usually very cautious, and a female student five p, do not know how to be in front of this devilish woman know, said with a videotape, even who used what posture movements can say, the woman's husband is a famous old entrepreneur in Yunshan City, if spread out, they will die. Forced to do so, they agreed to Shi Jiao to act, but by this time, they were scared out of half of their courage,304 Stainless Steel Pipe, the one outside, even lying there, also made people feel dangerous, not to mention that there was an overlord flower in the room! Shi Jiao pointed to the muscular man, and the others were obviously relieved. The muscular man was still in shock all the way. He was suddenly assigned such a huge task and was immediately squeezed to rebound. I won't do it! Muscle man, "How dare I *** you with a strong woman!" As the noise disappeared, Shi Jiao immediately kicked the muscle man on the thigh, twisting the muscle man's ear and lowering his voice, "You ***ing speak louder!"! Go out and tell him directly! Zhuo Wenshu did hear it, but through a wall,304 stainless steel wire, it sounded like a man who shouted loudly, and he rubbed his head, but there was no sound inside. Shi Jiao lowered her voice, "or change the way." Several people began to discuss in a low voice. Just as Zhuo Wenshu rubbed off his headgear and squinted to take a look at the environment, suddenly a shrill scream rang through the room. "Ah-" was slapped down on the ground, and winked at the muscle man who beat her-didn't you ***ing eat?! Really! Do you know what a real fight is! Qiangnu didn't do it, but he volunteered to beat Shi Jiaojiao. It was really that the brothers were led by the nose by her, but they were angry. But he is already holding the strength to come, this woman is not lifelike! "Bitch!"! It's an honor to ask you to serve your brothers, but you dare to resist! Said to grab Shi Jiao's hair to pull her up, and a slap down, his palms are painful, the heart suddenly, Shi Jiao's mouth blood came down in an instant, this is the eyes can signal. She was lying on the dirty floor, half of her head buzzing with pain, but she knew that if it wasn't true, Zhuo Wenshu wouldn't believe it. She closed her eyes to endure the dizziness in the past, stainless steel welded pipe ,Mirror Stainless Steel Sheet, brewing for a while, and then took a look in the direction of Zhuo Wenshu, which was really full of pain, grievance, attachment, despair and other emotions. Tears were very cooperative to stay down the corner of her eyes, and her collar was pulled open. This angle was beautiful and fragile, with a slightly raised neck, like a dying swan. However Zhuo Wenshu didn't even look at her! He was also lying on the ground, around the observer, while his hands, tied behind him, were trying to untie the rope.
Shi Jiao is really like in the novel, almost biting a silver tooth, this unsympathetic bastard! But she persevered, with her voice to attract the attention of Zhuo Wenshu, Zhuo Wenshu finally looked over, Shi Jiao immediately burst into tears, miserable cry, "Wenshu.." Zhuo Wenshu's eyes paused on her swollen face, and finally moved his lips and said, "Where is my mother?" Shi Jiao's tears flowed like a flood, wriggling like a caterpillar on the ground, and came in the direction of Zhuo Wenshu. He cried and whispered, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry." Shi Jiaojiao threw herself into Zhuo Wenshu's feet and looked at him humbly, "I got you into trouble. Mom is in Sanhu Community, No.308. When they come, I beg them to let you go." Shi Jiao said apologetically, "They caught me to ask my father for money, it's none of your business.." Zhuo Wenshu was frozen when Shi Jiaojiao said the floor number of Sanhu Community. When Shi Jiaojiao saw him like this, she knew there was a door! His dirty face pressed against his pants and pillowed on his calf, "Wen Shu." Whoo, whoo. I'm sorry, I really wanted to surprise you, but I didn't think.. Zhuo Wenshu's line of sight finally moved to her face and looked at her. Shi Jiao immediately stopped crying again. She tried to hold back her tears and pretended to be strong. She immediately said, "Wenshu, you can rest assured that I hired two high nurses, as well as family doctors, nannies, and several people to take care of her mother. She must be better than in the nursing home." "I really didn't mean to lose her." Shi Jiao's mouth was bleeding, tears were flowing, half kneeling in front of Zhuo Wenshu, his forehead against his calf, "I really didn't mean it, I want to make up for it, how could I lose her.." "Wen Shu," Shi Jiao Jiao's voice seemed to be squeezed out of her throat, making a pitiful look, "you believe me, I really didn't mean it, how could I do it on purpose, I love you.." I love you so much that I wish I hadn't written about you. After she finished, she did not dare to look at Zhuo Wenshu again, in fact, she was afraid of looking at Zhuo Wenshu too much, her eyes exposed her,Stainless Steel Decorative Pipe, after all, everything can be disguised, the love in her eyes can not be disguised.
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