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Emperor tyrant (13th Feb 23 at 3:15am UTC)
"If you want to break it with an external force, you'd better die of it." The prince shook his head with a smile and said, "No one can break it by force." Li Qiye ignored them and just touched the rock gently. And Qingshi and Ye Lingyao are very curious, they all look at Li Qiye's every move, they also want to know how Li Qiye to understand the rock. Ye Lingyao absolutely believed that Li Qiye would succeed, but she wanted to know what means Li Qiye used. Hum, even if you dawdle there is useless, you procrastinate, can you procrastinate all the time? Seeing Li Qiye gently touching the rock, Zhou Tianshengzi said disdainfully. That's right. If you can put it off for a while, you can't put it off forever. The others reprimanded Li Qiye and said, "Hurry up and don't waste everyone's time." However, Li Qiye simply ignored him. Looking at the stone, he couldn't help smiling. He shook his head gently and said, "After many years, I still like to engage in such means, but a group of fools just don't understand." With these words,china tile trim, Li Qiye had bitten his finger and a drop of blood dripped on the rock. What is this for? See Li Qiye a drop of blood on the rock, the presence of many people looked at each other? "Is this the blood recognition of the Lord?" A young strong man could not help laughing and said, "It's not that his brain is burned out, or that he has heard too much about the legend of the mortal world. He even plays the game of recognizing the Lord by dripping blood. This is simply impossible to exist." It is often impossible to recognize the Lord with blood. Few treasures say that they can recognize the Lord with blood. Such things only stay in the stories made up by mortals in the world. In the real world of monks, it does not exist at all. Only a fool will shed blood to recognize the Lord. There is such a cheap thing in the world. There is such an easy thing in the world. The others burst into laughter and said, "Only a fool would take that seriously." For a moment,stainless steel tile trim, all the young and strong people present could not help laughing. "Zhou Tianshengzi looked at Li Qiye as if he were a fool and said," You'd better admit defeat obediently. Don't make a fool of yourself here. " The others all laughed and called Li Qiye to admit defeat. When everyone burst into laughter, the word "egg" in the word "fool" on the rock suddenly changed, as if it had become a duck. Before everyone could come to their senses, they heard a "bang" sound, and the duck suddenly laid an egg, which was the size of a fist, flashing with rays of light. In this way, a stone egg was born, huff and puff of light seems to be born in the deepest part of the sky, seems to hide the most mysterious road. Above this stone egg, there was a small crack, aluminum tile trim ,tile trim factory, which seemed to have fallen to the ground and cracked when the stone egg was born. In fact, this is not the case, if you look carefully, you will find that the crack in this stone egg is natural, it seems that it was born with such a crack, this crack is accompanied by the birth of the stone egg, it is natural. At first, everyone burst into laughter, but when the stone egg was born, everyone's smile suddenly froze and all the laughter suddenly stopped. At this time, everyone gawked at such a scene, I do not know how many people with their mouths wide open. To their shock, it was not only because the stupid stone gave birth to a stone egg, but also because all of them were dumbfounded that the treasure hidden in the stupid stone was actually taken out by a drop of blood, and a drop of blood could get the stone egg inside the stone. No one has ever thought of such an outrageous thing. For millions of years, many people have realized in front of this rock, some people have displayed their magical powers, and some people have shaken the rock, but no matter what unique means they use, they have not gained anything, and they can not understand the secret of this rock. Now Li Qiye just dropped a drop of his blood on the rock and got the stone egg. Such an operation, say out, I am afraid no one believes.
"Is there really, really, really such an operation?" Some geniuses are dumbfounded, everyone has thought of all kinds of ways, but, blood to recognize the Lord, such a stupid approach, simply do not have to consider. This is simply impossible, after all, this is the rock left by Shi Zu, can be said to be unique, how can Shi Zu be so simple to recognize future generations to get the treasure here? However, the fact is so simple, is so brainless, just need a drop of blood, can get the treasure,tile trim manufacturers, this is really too outrageous! First watch today. 百度搜索【云来阁】小说网站,让 你体验更新最新最快的章节小说, 所有小说秒更新。 Chapter 3429 crushed with one foot. 噺 One Chinese net ω ω ω. χ 噺 Eight novels What a ridiculous thing it is to recognize the Lord with blood. This is the world of monks, not the kind of folklore, or the kind of ghost stories that coax children.
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